Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still Here, Never Left

I hustle like Bird on the block then rock a bird
Cuz I gotta get the AC green, in other words
I run the streets 3 hundred and 60 like Dominque
Does, 5 more days to make it complete
-Jay-Z, "Pass The Roc"

..That's right, I've been here the whole time. Shouts to my new Twitter followers and all those that I converse with day-to-day on it. I hit the 60 follow mark today, on the come up. Also, shouts to the newest additions to my blog roll B-Double at Your Favorite White Boy and Reyn & Co at Potholes In My Blog. Seems like '09 might show ya boy some love after all.

Anyway, let's keep this shit live tonight with some fresh tracks for that ass (no Richard Simmons)..

DJ Mike Nice liberated a rare Jay-Z demo "Pass The Roc"

Found me this gem of Eminem & Biggie Freestyling on the Wake Up Show with Sway & Tech

Mos Def
released uptempto banger "Quiet Dog" the second single off The Ecstatic

Wyclef Jean and Timbaland collab'd for bouncy club rhythm "War on our Hands"

MF Doom continued in his usual off-the-wall antics with "Ballskin"

Papoose came out of hiberation strong with Obamanthem (That's my new shit, coined!) "Test

and Twista does his best to get the ladies moist with "Wetter"

Big ups to the usuals, y'all know who you are and if you don't by now, get a damn clue.


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  1. YES i cant wait until that Brooklyn Bullshit Mixtape drops