Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Jordans + Fly Hip-Hop Tee's

There's been a lotta chatter about the newest Jordan sneaks since last year's Air Jordan XX3's marked the end of the series' numbered titles. The man himself, Michael Jordan, unveiled the Air Jordan 2009's at a press conference in NYC recently.

For this new direction, MJ collab'ed with the brand's Senior Footwear Designer Jason Mayden to create the latest look. Check out a feature with Mayden on HypeBeast right here for more insight from the designer.

Personally, I think they look sleek especially with the marble on the side but I probably wouldn't pay the suggested retail price of $230 for the limited launch on January 31 or even the $190 price tag for the nation-wide launch on Valentine's Day (Unless I find me a P.Y.T. with a nice bank roll and she'll grab me a pair. Hey, a man can dream.)

But, to each his own, so check out the close-ups and decide for yourself, courtesy of Sneaker Files.

Next I'm excited to link y'all to some real fly hip-hop tee's designed by ChiefRocka Industries.

Here are pics of my favorites - the "Absolut Native," "All Samples Cleared," and the "World's Greatest Remixes."

Unfortunately there's no comprehensive ChiefRocka online store, so these are only available at specific merchants listed on their MySpace page. The only ones I've ordered from are Fat Beats, and, so do your homework first if you try any of the others.

Thanks to Eskay and Mick Boogie for the info, and Sneaker Files and HypeBeast again for the Jordan scoop, Enjoy!

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