Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mad Mullets

I Twittered pretty heavily last night watching the various Inaugural Balls (no Wanda Sykes) and one thing that irked the living shit out of me was Kanye's new 'do.

At the MTV Youth Ball, Yeezy resurrected what I hoped died in the 90's, that business-in-the-front but party-in-the-back phenomenon - the shag. Or, as us caucasians call it, the mullet.

Complex Mag and Miss Info got a kick out of Yeezy's ridiculous cut too, 'cause they and their readers took on the daunting task of compiling a history of the shag highlighting some of history's most disturbing do's.

I switched it up right quick to post some of the most incredibly unfashionable mullets from the past. Feel free to check out the history of the black mullet, including the likes of Alfonso Ribero, Theo Huxtable, Lionel Richie, Jermaine Jackson, Walter Payton and many many more at the Complex Blog and Miss Info's site.
And please, pray that Yeezy peeps the footage from last night and heads straight to the barber for a fresh edge-up.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Dog The Bounty Hunter

John Stamos (Uncle Jesse from Full House)

And of course.. Chuck Norris


  1. Chill before Chuck Norris' mullet takes over the internet

  2. billy ray cyrus is sexy so sthu! lol. but kanye is fuckin up. idc what anybody says. i hate his new look. he looks like a BUM! yeah, i said it.

  3. Stamos does it the best!

    Man everyone is on twitter but me lol

  4. @ Malcom - Chuck Norris already runs everything in the universe, internet included

    @ JKisz - LOL @ your Billy Ray Cyrus comment and yes, Kanye needs to lose the 'do

    @ Toutierugif - Get yo' Twitter game UP! :)