Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yeezy's Solo Vibe

I've got mixed feelings about Vibe after doing a brief internship there before it was bought out by the Wicks Group, which in turn fired a good amount of the editorial staff including my boss Jayson Rodriguez (what up fam, I see you doin your thing over at MTV n whatnot!).

No hate in my blood for the magazine at all, and I definitely give them props for putting Kanye on the February cover. In addition to the 'Ye interview, I'm looking forward to articles on J Dilla and Notorious.

Here's an excerpt of 'Ye talking about his best buddies, the paparrazzi:

“I haven’t done anything violent. They make it seem like I actually went and hit the paparazzi. I haven’t. I was restrained. I’m good at restraining myself from committing violent acts. I know how to control my temper. That one paparazzo made it a bigger deal. I just put my hand up and he felt like he had more right to my personal space than I did. I put my hand up to stop him from shooting me.”

Shouts to Eskay and LowKey for the heads up, looking forward to reading this one.

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