Monday, March 30, 2009

Gonna Be Alright..

Not really in the type of mood to say much, long day at work so I'm gon' let the music speak for itself. Thanks to Beware and Dre for the audio..

..Just listen.

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Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs - America's Suitehearts

Joe Young ft. Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - We Alright (Remix)

I'm a regular success story
Minus the diamonds and baguette glory
That I let bore me
So I kept it off me
Hard-headed, stubborn I won't learn
If I do, best believe it'll be on my own terms

Listen, born sinner
Slash born winner
Either that's how he seems
Or I'm somewhere in between
I'm a popular stranger
I'm nobody famous Yea, I'm a famous nobody
Still it won't stop me

Wrist so rocky

I come across so cocky, conceited

When really I can see that
If really they believe it
My comfort zone is uncomfortable
Trace it, it'll come from home
I'm not alone
I've popped pills, to escape
Just 'cause I feel

That my reality is not real

I get emotional, big on passion
Smart so when I'm wrong, I get big on ration
Bottle up my attitude, sell it to the public
I'd be a millionaire, 'cause American loves it


Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's Mathematics

.. It's Friday, so you know what that means. You don't? Well, HFTB is bringing you some of the newest, realest, and dopest new music and any other fly ish I see fit to post.

Hope everyone's enjoying the start to their weekend, I know I am. I'll also be working on a pretty substantial post that I everyone will be excited to see. Guaranteed.

So what's on the menu like TGIFridays? An unreleased Jay-Z track, new Jada & Raekwon, and resurrected tracks from Collie Buddz, T.I., The Roots, Kanye, and a throwback Montell Jordan jam for all my Friday nighters.

As a special treat, got a nice soundtrack for you - Dave Chappelle's Block Party OST. Go find that on another blog, I dare ya. I'm strictly addressing the hater(s), not my loyal readers. I love y'all both - haters for motivation, loyal readers for the support.

Another thing, all my sneaker heads check out the Dunk XChange tomorrow in Manhattan, peep the flyer below for more info.

Throw in a new mixtape from Styles P, and have ya self a wonderful evening.

Thanks to the Kid Legend, Splash, and Boxden Fresh for the audio, Enjoy!


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Styles P & Big Mike - Phantom Empire

Dave Chappelle's Block Party OST

Random Hits:

Collie Buddz - Hustle

Jadakiss & Raekwon - Cartel Gathering

Jay-Z - Maybe prod. Sean V & LC

Kanye West ft. Common & Talib Kweli - Get 'Em High

Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It

The Roots - Here I Come

T.I. - I'm Illy

Black Star Reunited

.. This shit right here? One word: Epic.

I just got word from the good homie CientifiQ that the legendary duo of Mos Def and Talib Kweli are reuniting for two shows at Nokia Theater Times Square NYC. He put me on to a link at AllHipHop that explains the details.

That's right hip-hoppers, Black Star will perform their classic material twice on May 30th. Tickets go on sale today at noon, available at either Nokia's website or Ticketmaster

I still feel a certain way about my Rock The Bells experience, missing the majority of Mos Def's set to stand in line for grub even as he brought out Kweli for a Black Star set.

This time? I'm waiting patiently for noon to come to scoop my tickets. I suggest you do the same, this could be historical.

I'll leave you with arguably my favorite track from the lyrical one-two punch and one of their most popular, "Redefinition." See y'all in New York, Enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm The Shit..

I got them Yeezys on my feet, I got them Louis in the sto'
And I dropped another album befo' we even finished up the tour
And it's still Top Ten about 15 weeks later
So that's a big middle finger for you 808 haters

First off, I take any opportunity to post pics of Kamber. Yes, I'm Stannin' right now. Anyways..

The homie Dj01 and the good folks at Metal Lungies posted the original remix to "I'm The Shit," the b-more infused jam from DJ Class, and now the '07-09 Feature King Kanye hops on .

Chalk this one up as another guilty pleasure for the year thus far, a fly Springtime electro-hop anthem for the club.

Thanks again to ML for the audio, Enjoy!

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DJ Class ft. Kanye West - I'm The Shit Remix

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Deck Tonight

900 Dollars and a Dream from jeff on Vimeo.

.. That video courtesy of hip-hop comedy troupe ItsTheReal is hilarious, and the following will be spinnin' at the residence tonight.. Let's go !! (c) Diddy.


UGK - UGK 4 Life

Sneak Peak:

Da Game Been Good To Me - UGK (Underground Kingz)

Camp Lo - Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape

Sneak Peek:


Ha - Camp Lo


Vimby x Up On Things present The New Classics

Sneak Peek:

Rise and Shine ft. Inverse

Rise and Shine ft. Inverse (prod. Cook Classics) - Inverse

(Shouts to Drea for the inspiration!)

Random Hits:

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Black Milk - Dreams

DJ Self - Swag Surffin' (NY DJ Self Mixx) ft. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Red Cafe, & Maino

Naledge - Naledge In The House

The Kickdrums - Fading In & Out (Kid CuDi & DJ Class Mash Up)

Hop Up Out My Bed

.. Get my blog on!

Got some good stuff for y'all this morning, I woke up to some great new tracks and a quality article guaranteed to spark some discussion.

I'm working so I can't write much right now, but definitely check out the 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Battles (.. And Their Winners) by my favorite resident hip-hopper over at, Mr. Adoso. He gives concise run-downs of rap's most historical beefs, ranging from Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee's early rap battle to the Coastal feud between Biggie and Pac to the epic beef between Nas & Jay-Z.

He even goes out on a limb to give the winners, which is quite ballsy to say the least. I agree with most, the only glaring difference in our opinion is he's got Pac defeating Biggie. But that's a debate for another day..

Let's get hump day (I always laugh at that term, Ha!) started right with new tracks from Method Man & Redman featuring UGK, Q-Tip featuring Kanye & Consequence, and an acoustic remix of Yeezy's "Amazing" by Mike Maven.

Shouts to The Kid Legend, Nigel D and Khal for the muzak, and Ivan for sharing Adoso's well-written article on Google Reader, Enjoy!

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Method Man & Redman ft. UGK - City Lights

Q-Tip ft. Kanye West & Consequence - We Fight, We Love (Remix)

Mike Maven - "Amazing" (Acoustic Cover)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Could I Forget?

Sorry ladies, mental lapse.

The lovely Keri Hilson's debut album In A Perfect World drops today as well, though it leaked about 3 weeks ago I feel like.

I'm still on the fence, mostly because it takes a lot for a female R&B singer/ pop diva to impress me. She's talented, but her popular songs get on my nerves after about 2 listens.
I'm talking about her music, obviously, because her sexy look had me at "hellooooo."

The production on In A Perfect World is fitting for an aspiring diva, with Timbaland handling executive duties and Polow Da Don, Danja and more crafting bangers for Ms. Hilson.

Here's a sneak peek featuring Ne-Yo and Kanye produced by Danja, though I'm sure you've heard it bc it's been blowing up the radio for a lil' bit.

Knock You Down feat Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Keri Hilson

Thanks to the homie Jacques Morel for the Twitter update reminding me the album came out today, Enjoy!

Today's The Day

Rise and shine y'all, today's the day..

.. Which day, you ask? It's Tuesday of course, which used to mean something in the music industry as the day new CDs dropped. With the influx of blogs and digital music spots, its lost some of its significance. But we (meaning me) at HFTB like to keep the spirit alive, so cop these during your daily operation today.

DOOM - Born Like This

Sneak Peek:

Slim Thug - Boss Of All Bosses

Sneak Peek:

Leanin (feat. UGK) - Slim Thug

Rapper Big Pooh - Delightful Bars (Candy Apple version, iTunes-only release)

Sneak Peek:

Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign

Sneek Peak:

..And for those looking for a creative yet fashionable look today, check these new t-shirt designs. The first is Stussy's "Great Minds" colorful line, paying homage to history's geniuses like Einstein and Thoreau. Check 'em out here.

The next is a fresh collab between French outlet Sixpack and New York-based Swiss designer Grotesk for their summer designs based on the French riots during the 60's. Peep the rest right here.

Good looks to's resident hip-hop expert Henry Adaso for the new release info and HypeBeast for the gear, Enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Mixtape

Happy.. Monday? Well maybe it's not the best day of the week, but at least we've got some good tunes to start the week off.

The good homie B-Double gave me the heads up on the Good Morning Mixtape, a nice compilation of hip-hop gems hand-picked by him, Kevin Nottingham and to jump-start your day.

Jam-packed with anthems from Ice Cube, Run-DMC, Little Brother, Jay-Z, Outkast and more, it's sure to kick your ass into gear.

Check out the promo video up top and the covers below, complete with the track list

Thanks again to B-Dub for the info. Link coming as soon as I get word, Enjoy!


The Good Morning Mixtape Presented by Nappy Afro, Kevin Nottingham and Your Favorite White Boy

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Chillin'

It's here ladies and gents, the moment we've all been waiting for. Well, at least I have!

I referenced earlier that Capital City verbalist Wale had a busy week, and this is the culmination of dude's hard work. DJ Alizay from DC radio station 93.9 WKYS dropped his newly refurbished single "Chillin" featuring Lady GaGa and a super scorching beat from Cool N Dre.

.. And it's everything I expected, and more.

I'm calling this now - Wale will be huge. His style is just too fresh, he's already respected throughout hip-hop for his witticisms and fashionable rhymes and this is a crossover-type record that could send his stock sky high.

This track is off Back to the Feature, his upcoming mixtape dropping April 29th - cop that.

Enough talk, let's get to the good stuff. Thanks so much to Heather for the audio and the good folks at WKYS for the exclusive, Enjoy!

[Edit: CDQ courtesy of the good homie Ivan]

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Wale ft. Lady GaGa - Chillin'

I got the right to be cocky
Did so much good, disc jockeys jock me

You n*ggas mad 'cause you not me

I remain a Giant and you Jeremy Shockey

Ha! And I made y'all love it
We don't cop pleas but y'all don't cop nothin'
Police come around, don't nobody say nothin'
And you be with the cops, you n*ggas is McLovin

Can I Kick It? Air Yeezy Edition

[lemme take you to flight school]

I first got word that Kanye was dropping his own Nike sneaker back in December and now I've got some more info about the release date. Are you excited?

The Zen Gray/ LT Charcoal colorway of the Air Yeezys will debut April 4th at retailers nationwide. Next up will be Black/Black in May followed by my personal favorites, the Net/Net coming in June.

A lotta heads are calling these kicks too "space-y" and "bulky," but I've liked 'em since day one. Much more than those $800+ Louis Vuitton jumpoffs.

What are your thoughts? Would you cough up $200 bucks (total guess, I don't know the retail price) to cop these? Or, am I just an obvious Yeezy stan that thinks anything he touches turns to gold?

Lemme know if you spot these around your way, I'm always accepting belated birthday presents.

And as an added bonus, we've finally got the full version of GLC's "Flight School" featuring the man himself and T-Pain.

Thanks to HypeBeast and SneakerFiles for the pics and shouts to Khal for the audio, Enjoy!

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GLC ft. Kanye West & T-Pain - Flight School prod. Arrowstar

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Formally Known As..

ATLien B.o.B. has officially pulled a Prince-esque maneuver, recently changing his moniker to Bobby Ray.

It doesn't really come as a surprise to me as a fan of the eclectic musician/rapper since he's never been afraid to switch up his style, so why not his name?

Either way, he'll still do everything from strumming guitar chords over deep-fried drums to an eclectic mix of Southern rhymes and spaced-out singing, as he shows us with some fresh leaks. Got a new solo joint "Ghost in the Machine" plus "They Call This (Hip Hop)," a collab with Classified and Royce Da 5'9.

Shouts to Shake and Dre for the heads up, Enjoy!

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Bobby Ray - Ghost in the Machine

Tell me where am I supposed to go?
And who am I supposed to believe?

If only you knew what I knew

Then you could see just what I see

So I grab my bags and go As far away as I can go
‘Cause everything ain’t what I used to know
And I tried to hide

But I just can’t hide no more

There’s nothing worse than feeling like a ghost

You say I look fine
If only you knew what was on my mind

You’d see a whole different side

I couldn’t show you even if I tried
I musta got lost in time
When I found out I was only free to be

Whoever I want to be

Classified ft. Royce Da 5'9 & B.o.B. - They Call This (Hip Hop)

Well these are not just verbs that I recite
It’s actually a verse of encouragement and advice

And everything is perfectly worded the way you like

So I can make some currency just to service my life

Really I’ve been working with verbage all of my life

So when I die, they gonna bury me with the mic

And when I go, please do not worry, I’m in the sky