Friday, January 30, 2009

Grammy Posters

Don't know how much y'all really care, I'm just really feelin these posters right here of Kanye, Rihanna, and of course the Martian.

The 51st Grammy's are next Sunday and will feature the first live performance of "Swagga Like Us" plus performances by Coldplay, Jennifer Hudson, Paul McCartney, and the luckiest man alive Justin Timberlake (if you don't know why, ya don't know me) among others.

You can check the full nominee list here. I'm pullin for Coldplay for Record of the Year, Weezy for Album of the Year, "Viva La Vida" for Song of the Year, "A Milli" for Best Rap Solo, "Royal Flush" for Rap Group Performance (Even tho "Swagga" is guaranteed to win), "Superstar" for Collab AND Best Rap Song, Nas for Best Rap Album, John McLaughlin for Best Contemporary Jazz Album, Pat Metheny for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo, and Brad Mehldau Trio for Best Jazz Instumental Album.

Shouts to Nigel D for the posters, Enjoy!


  1. I think I'm gonna watch this year just to see J Hud perform ;)

  2. the posters are dope! i'll probably watch it. not sure yet.

  3. im sure lil wayne is gonna take all the ones hes up for just because his fans are ridiculous but those posters are tight!
    i didnt even recognize rihanna but i can see clearly now lol

  4. Man, Lil Wayne's going to win everything because America can't get his dick out their nose. I'm not mad at him, though, he gives his fans what they want. I'd really like to own that Kanye poster.