Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Coraline

I heard about this animated flick Coraline a lil' while ago. The trailer was kinda nuts and its directed by Henry Sellick, the man behind Nightmare Before Christmas, so I was intrigued but I didn't predict I'd see it in the theaters.

Until I read that Nike designed a special Dunk for the film that would be available for free-99 after the movie. Apparently, the film's credits contain a special code that you enter online to try to get your hands on 1 of the 1000 limited edition pairs.

Looks like I might have to spring to take a P.Y.T. out when the movie drops on February 6th. Peep the trailer here, it's got that Alice-in-Wonderland surreal feel.

Good looks to Sneaker Files on the heads up. You know I could always use me a new pair of sneaks.


  1. I think I'm gonna take my niece to see this movie and now I'm def gonna try to win those sneakers cause I love dunks!