Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogger Roll Call

I've been trying to figure out how to add one of those official list of the blogs I follow and FINALLY Blogger offers a gadget for this. Or, at least I finally realized it does.

Go 'head and check out the latest posts from some of my favorite bloggers like Ivan, Shenda, C. Jervis, JuJu, Millionaire Max, Nick, JKisz, Taylor Got Beats, Ashley Outrageous, Danielle, April Rose, Lovelee, Maurice, JSophisticatedJ and so many more that are worth a look!

Once again, thanks SO MUCH to everyone that has shown my blog love and suport. I hope that every time you log on you read something intriguing, listen to some good music, check some fly gear and kicks, and just have a damn good time.. 'cause I know I do!

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  1. awhhhhh besos!!!! u are AWESOME too!! heh.

  2. thanks man,I appreciate the love,and its always gonna come back to u kid. god bless

  3. awwww thanks fo the loveeeee !! i really appreciate it !

  4. "Or, at least I finally realized it does"

    you just missed it on everyone else's page huh? LMAO

  5. Love y'all!

    ..Except Toutierugif.. Tryin to be slick LOL I swear I looked before but couldn't find it.. Don't make fun :(

  6. good looks on the shout out homie you know its all love from the LA to Jersey