Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama's First 100..

.. Minutes, that is. I meant to post this last week but forgot until I saw it on my external HD right now.

Mad Magazine put together this humorous run-down of what the future Commander-in-Chief could accomplish in his first 100 minutes in office. Some of my personal favorites:

05-06: Send thank you note to George Bush for helping me get elected

38: Screw with Secret Service agents by shouting out, "Hey, it's almost prayer time, which way is Mecca?!"

65-67: Delete "private" Scarlett Johanson photos before surrendering Black Berry to Secret Service.

and the best..

84: Just to be different, appoint staff members based on intellect and competence.

Click the pic up top to enlarge, Enjoy!


  1. yo that shit was the best, go to the rose garden for a quick

  2. nahh i liked call McCain see if he's still interested in the Job LMAO