Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Air Max On Deck

What a glorious day. First and foremost - Barack in, Bush out. Glad to see we've got an intelligent President with some swag and style. Best of luck to the new Commander-in-Chief!!

Now, the good folks at Nike gave a sneak peek of the Air Max colorways for the Fall/Winter season. Overall the kicks have more subtle color schemes but there are a couple with the bright-ass safari and Triax.

It's really hit or miss for me when it comes to Max's. I've got a pair of Black/Whites at the crib but some of these are a bit.. how you say.. ugly. I've never been a big fan of that aqua-blue color they rock on some of these and I'd never be caught dead in the Lows. The ones I'm really excited about are the Flywires that I featured back a couple weeks ago and them White/Maroons in the second-to-last pic.
Check out some more preview pics of the group below, mucho thanks to HypeBeast for the heads up, Enjoy!


  1. you're crazy! i love aim max's! get with it! lol

  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I like Max's when they look right :) Now that I look at em again I loooove the ones with the black and white then purple laces.. But I already have Dunk Crocstars with similar colors ugh.

  3. i'll take those purp ones in the back size 12 por favor lol