Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can I Kick It?.. Blazer Edition

Though I'm a huuuge fan of Dunks, AF1's and Vandals, my girl Shenda advised me not to sleep on Blazers. So here I am, wide awoke.

This new colorway for the Nike SB Blazers is really, really fly. I love the lighter blue body and royal blue swoosh complimented with the maroon interior and tongue and crisp white laces.

These sneaks should be dropping relatively soon to SB retailers, sometime in February according to Sneaker Files. So if anyone spots a pair, definitely let me know!


  1. these are fresh I hope they come with some maroon laces that would be cool,
    new video on my blog Dom, your blogs featured at the end check it out

  2. Yea man Blazers are hout...especially the Lance Mountain Elite joints...great for skateboarding

  3. Taylor's right maroon laces would be ill and wassup with you and Blue dom
    The last pair of kicks u wanted were blue and probably the last pair u bought

    Im starting to think your gang banging (and not chicks)

  4. @ Taylor - Definitely right homie, maroon laces would set these off

    @ fly malcom x - Haven't seen those, I need to check them out

    @ Shenda - LOL I dunno I'm on my blue tip right now, but I really really want these Hi Dunk Lucha Libre right chyeaaaa and they are Black and Red..