Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Well Soon, Double O..

[Double O, Naledge]

Not many details on this story but I hope Double O of Kidz in the Hall gets back on his feet soon, hopefully in time for the NYC Rock the Bells this Sunday. Here's his manager's statement courtesy of Matt from MAC Media, he'll be in my prayers:

Double O from the hip hop group Kidz In The Hall was assaulted by several bouncers early Saturday morning, July 26, while inside a nightclub in Tempe, AZ following a Kidz In The Hall performance. Group member and friend Naledge, who did not witness the assault on Double O, was arrested outside of the club. Naledge's attempt to get medical assistance for Double O was misconstrued as a hinderence to the investigation. Reports that no injuries were sustained are false as Double O was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries from the excessive force used by club security. On Sunday morning Double O underwent surgery for one of his injuries. He is still in the hospital, but in stable condition.

In the last 2 years, Kidz In The Hall have traveled to over 10 countries, have done 200+ shows and never before been involved in any altercation, big or small, with club or concert security, or police officers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Is Fact Not Fiction..

All these nuccas takin' credit for the work that I put in
If you really put me on, put yourself on then


Talk about fresh. If you haven't noticed already, up top is a promo poster for GZA's upcoming disc Pro Tools dropping in a few weeks (I'll hand a late pass to those that missed the first leak from it). Below, we've got a boatload of heaters to get you through hump day and into the weekend festivities including two top-notch remixes. Big ups to Matt from MAC Media, Mr. X, eskay, heather, and lowkey for the hook-ups.. Enjoy!

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z - Put On Remix

Sauce Money ft. Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes

Lil' Wayne ft. Nu Jerzey Devil - Pimpin'

Termanology ft. Bun-B - How We Rock prod. DJ Premier

Torae - Incredible

Muja Messiah ft. Black Thought - Give It Up prod. Malik Worthy

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grindin' Until I'm Tired..

.. Cause they say you ain't grindin' until you tired

I'm really feelin' this collab, I just wish Wayne got on the mic for a verse. Here's a good quality version minus the DJ tags and the video above is a behind-the-scenes peak at the video shoot. Shouts to rizoh for the MP3 and eskay for the vid.. Enjoy!

Game ft. Lil' Wayne - My Life

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Warrior..

And I'm grindin' til I'm tired
They say you ain't grindin' til you tired
So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide
Lookin' to find a way through the day, a light for the night

.. Phenomenal night last night at The Office and New Bruns, plus Atlantic City's finest tonight? Sounds like a typical weekend in dom's life, livin' it up because life's too short not to!

While I'm patiently waiting for next Sunday's NY Rock The Bells stop, I needed to wrap up the best of this week's leaks. Like always, shouts to eskay, NMC, herfection & all the fresh blogs out there. Here goes.. Enjoy!

First off, pick up your free copy of Murs & 9th Wonder's newest LP Sweet Lord over here, here's a taste of what you'll get:

Murs & 9th Wonder - Free

Now on to the new tracks..

The Game ft Lil' Wayne - My Life (sorry for the DJ tags)

I'm from a windy city like do or die
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus, shot for no fuckin' reason
And you wonder why Kanye wears Jesus pieces?

GZA - Alphabets (my personal favorite in Wu, he's still a beast after all these years)

All I need is a beat with a continuous loop
And a live vibe that'll hypnotize like a flute
I want somethin' that's rugged by nature like the forest
Compose like a symphony without a chorus

Mos Def - Twilight Speedball [Live] (new cut off his upcoming disc The Ecstatic, can't wait to see him perform Sunday!)

Life is a game, I heard the homie say
But I came to win

Young Chris ft. Wale - Large

Runnin' til we stop, I'ma have to settle for Koch
No dissin' my position, I'm livin' for hip-hop

Random ft. Naledge - Exhale (ultra smooth jam!)

I heard hip-hop died, yea I was at the funeral
Opened up the casket, what I saw was so beautiful
So musical, an empty tomb
She came back so I promised I'd be true to you

Redman - I Run My Block Freestyle (over "Show Me What You Got" instrumental)

I don't care how much coke you cook
'Cause when it come to MC's, I was there when they wrote the book

DMX - Soldier (X is certified crazy, he speaks on all his recent troubles on this here track)

Dog for life, bang often
Streets is dangerous, cats stay off 'em

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Madlib..

.. Coming soon!

Madlib’s WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip coming 9/30 on BBE’s Beat Generation series

  • Stones Throw
  • July 22, 2008
Madlib's long-anticipated addition to BBE's Beat Generation series will be released on Rapster/BBE this September 30th. Fitting comfortably into a series whose previous contributors include the late J Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, Madlib will deliver one of his most straight forward neck snapping hip-hop albums to date.

WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip CD/2LP
1. The New Resident - Beat Konducta
2. Blow The Horns On 'Em - Guilty Simpson
3. The Plan Pt. 1 - Georgia Anne Muldrow
4. Tension - Beat Konducta
5. Gamble On Ya Boy - Defari
6. The Ox (805) - MED feat. Poke
7. All Virtue - Beat Konducta
8. Blinfold Test #10 (He Don't Play) - J.Rocc
9. The Thang-Thang - Price Po
10. Heat - Madlib
11. Smoke Break - Beat Konducta
12. The Plan (Reprise) - Beat Konducta
13. Life - Karriem Riggins
14. Parklight - Beat Konducta
15. Yo Yo Affair Pt. 1 & 2 - Frezna
16. I Want It Back - The Professionals (Oh No & Madlib)
17. Disco Dance - Beat Konducta
18. What It Do - Liberation
19. Take That Money - Roc ‘C’ feat. Oh No
20. Drinks Up! - Frank N Dank
21. The Way That I Live - Stacy Epps
22. Ratrace - Murs
23. Go! - Guilty Simpson
24. Stop - Beat Konducta

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where's My Money?

The first time I heard this on GTA IV, I searched for it online and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, my homie Matt at MAC Media hooked up the MP3. "Where's My Money" is Busta at his best, off DJ Green Lantern's Liberty City Invasion.. Enjoy!

Busta Rhymes - Where's My Money

Are You Not Entertained?

I might smoke a joint but I won't take a L

.. Common is a beast. Check this exclusive video of him performing "Gladiator" off his upcoming LP Invincible Summer, enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Go Off Tonight in NYC

My homie Sickroc will be spinnin' on the 1's and 2's tonight in the Lower East Side.. Come out and show some support for real hip-hop!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rock The Bells..

.. Just grabbed two tickets for the summer's biggest event in hip-hop - don't be jealous, be there!

Rock The Bells a.k.a. the illest line-up ever
Sunday, August 3 @ Jones Beach Theatre, NYC





Monday, July 14, 2008

Strictly Business & Still a Mile High..

.. While I'm handling grown man business for a week in Denver, I'll bless my loyal subscribers periodically with fire like this. First up we've got two unreleased bonus tracks from Talib Kweli's masterpiece Eardrum, then a new Green Lantern-produced heater from Styles P, a remix to Mickey Factz's Leak 27 by Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, and finally the two-part critique of hip-hop's current state from Jersey's own Jumpoff Joey - who truly ain't afraid to speak the truth. Enjoy!

Talib Kweli ft. Little Brother - Getting My Grown Man On

Talib Kweli ft. Marsha Ambrisious - Take It Back

Joe Budden - Who Pt. 1

Joe Budden - Who Pt. 2

Naledge - Incredible

Styles P - Go prod. Green Lantern

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something's Gotta Give..

.. Doing it big, like always. Here's a new collab between Big Boi of Outkast and soul-hop songtress Mary J. Blige, possibly off the ATLiens upcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot?! Thanks to lowkey for the link, Enjoy!

Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige - Something's Gotta Give

Let The Blog Build, Again..

.. Big ups to the good people @ RealTalkNY for this link of the full version of (the previously posted) Cam'ron freestyle over "Let The Beat Build." Mr. Giles is at it again, swagger at it's best.. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Far, So Good..

It was written on the walls that success is a process
No matter how hard I fall, I know where there's some progress

.. Now this is what I call a collab! Fresh off his upcoming The Million Dollar Backpack, Virginia MC Skillz (a.k.a. the dude that brings annual industry rap ups, year in and year out) linked up with Talib Kweli and Common for this heater.

Head on over to Okayplayer for an album sampler & thanks to eskay for hooking up this track.. Enjoy!

Skillz ft. Common & Talib Kweli - So Far So Good Remix

Gettin' Up..

.. On the right side of the bed. Here's a new jam from Q-Tip's new album The Renaissance via Spine Magazine. Glad to see the veteran MC from Tribe Called Quest - one of my personal favorite groups ever - still putting in work.. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Please Read, Before The Movie Comes Out..

.. You won't be disappointed. I personally enjoyed this Dan Brown religious murder-mystery more than that other one (maybe you've heard of it?). I'm just upset it was such an engaging, quick read because now I'll have to find another book to hold me over during a business trip next week to Denver.
A&D follows Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon in a thrilling twist of events to help the Vatican figure out why an ancient scientific brotherhood, the Illuminati, has killed a top CERN physicist and stolen the research institution's secret project - antimatter. The thief has strategically placed the cannister containing this interesting substance, which is much more powerful that nuclear technology, somewhere within Vatican City - a ticking time bomb underneath the Church's headquarters.
Accompanied by agile Italian physicist Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of the murdered scientist (who also was a priest!), Langdon seeks a path of illumination to uncover the truth behind the secret society, the Catholic Church and the mind-boggling implications of antimatter.
For the lazy out there, the movie version comes out May 15, 2009. But you know what they say about book adaptations - they never quite look as good on the silver screen as they did in your head while reading. Now, GO READ A BOOK!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let Freedom Ring..

.. Happy B-Day America! Though our economy is sagging a little (it's technically not a recession until 2 quarters of negative GDP growth) and our government isn't the most honest (Zimbabwe anyone? How 'bout Mongolia?), there's no place I'd rather live in the world.

Before I fire up (the BBQ, of course) to celebrate freedom, I had to bless my loyal readers with some brand new bangers from Jersey veterans Naughty By Nature, fresh-boy Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, southern slanger T.I., & golden era superstars A.G. & O.C.. Enjoy the holiday!

Naughty By Nature ft. Rene Neufville - Hip Hop's Pain Remix

Naledge & Amo - One Lonely Beat prod. C.H.I.

T.I. - What Up prod. Drumma Boy

T.I. - Swing Your Rag (Clean) prod. Swizz Beatz

O.C. & AG - Put It In The Box (Clean)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Afternoon (Digi) Snacks..

.. Sink your teeth into a new track off Digi Snacks from Wu-Tang's prolific producer/ eccentric lyricist RZA.. compliments of Mick Boogie.. Enjoy!

Do What Kanye Says..

.. and listen to G.O.O.D. music representative Malik Yusef's newest compliments of Kanye's blog.. Enjoy!

Malik Yusef - What You Made Me

Let The Blog Build

They fallin' like they dominoes, what we got in common though?/ Nothin', 'cause I'm comma after comma after comma, hoe!

... Oh, how I love short work weeks and long weekends. Here's a quick round-up of some pre-Independence Day goodies, including more Nas, new freestyles from Cam'ron & the fellas of Little Brother, a deep T.I. track (hand me a late pass, I know), a Busta joint off Blessed, and a fresh leak from Mickey Factz. Props to eskay, her, and xclusives zone for the heat.. Enjoy!

Cam'ron - Let The Beat Build Freestyle (Swagger at it's best, he's still got it haters!)

Little Brother - VIP Saturdays Freestyle

Nas - Y'all My Niggas

Nas - America

Mickey Factz ft. Fresh Daily - Keep Moving

T.I. - A Better Day

Busta Rhymes - Missile

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Village Voice Makes A Point

..Couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm not a Wayne hater by any means - I enjoyed many parts of his new disc but think he peaked at Tha Carter II - but the Village Voice makes a valid argument that hip-hop is too caught up on the free-flowing N'awlins boy that it has overlooked some pretty damn good albums this year. Citing new LP's from The Roots, Guilty Simpson, Kidz in the Hall and Webbie, the article pleads for fans to realize Wayne is far from the best rapper alive and hardly the only artist to drop quality material this year. Real Recognize Real.. Enjoy!

King Of Queens

...Whew! So much new Nasir material, so little time. This means that almost half of Untitled has leaked, but I'm certainly not complaining! Continuing in his multifacited street poetics and masterful societal exegesis, Mr. Jones is as good as ever. Shouts to her, eskay, NMC and illroots for these gems.. Enjoy!
Nas - Breathe
Nas - Testify
Nas - We're Not Alone
Nas - You Can't Stop Us Now ft. Eban Thomas
Nas - Queens Get The Money

Kidz In The West West Y'all

... Thanks to Matt from MAC Media for hooking up this West Coast Remix to Kidz in the Hall's single "Drivin' Down The Block" featuring Pacific Division, Tyga, Glasses Malone & Mistah F.A.B... I'm lovin' the new beat.. Enjoy!

Kidz in the Hall - Drivin' Down The Block West Coast Remix