Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coming Soon

While Twitterville is filled with chatter about who the King (or Queen) of hip-hop internet blogging is, I'ma chill back and enjoy my small corner of the blogosphere and those that show love. I thought y'all might be interested in these two events here, especially my producer heads.

I found out about this first one from the hilarious internet personality Dallas Penn. KeiStar Productions is presenting a musical tribute to the late great J Dilla next Friday in Brooklyn, featuring guess appearances from Jean Grae and an assortment of musicians and DJs to celebrate the late producer's collection of work. It's recession-friendly too, at $10 with an RSVP to or $15 at the door, with part of the proceeds going to Lupus Awareness because Dilla died of the disease. Peep the flyer above.

The homie 6th Sense also dropped the line that he'll be releasing his all-instrumental LP It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! on February 3rd on Notherground Music. If you've heard his production before, you'd be excited for this disc. And if you haven't, I suggest you check check check it to get accustomed to his sound. Got the artwork up top and tracklist up below.

1. Acapella
2. Both Nice Instrumental
3. Beyon My Instrumental
4. Entourage (Oh Yeah!) Instrumental
5. Too Complex Instrumental
6. The Itis Instrumental
7. Give A What Instrumental
8. Let's Do It Instrumental
9. Do What It Do {6th Sense}
10. D'Evils 2008 Instrumental
11. Hey Young World Instrumental
12. What Kinda Instrumental
13. Ignite The People (Like Obama) Instrumental
14. What You Talkin Bout Instrumental
15. I Won't Let You Fall Instrumental
16. Just Fine Instrumental
17. AM Set Instrumental
18. Love Lockdown Instrumental
19. Just Got Chopped (Crack) Instrumental
20. Hippie Robot Instrumental
21. Fallen Shadows Instrumental
22. The Cuchifritos Groove Instrumental
23. 4 AM Instrumental
24. Future Music Instrumental
25. The Proposal Instrumental
26. Stakes Is High Instrumental
27. 2-0-0-9 Instrumental
28. Chasing 1988 Instrumental
29. Press Play Instrumental
30. Ate Ten Instrumental
31. Never Change For The Fame Instrumental
32. Release Instrumental
33. We Don't Stop Instrumental


  1. Damnnnnnn I wanna go home. As SOON AS I LEAVE they wanna have Jean Grae coming out. She's only like my favorite .....Ughh!!

    P.S. as far as queen.....Info got that shit hands down. I dont know about King tho ....i dont really care

  2. i wanna go. lemme rephrase that; i AM going. and i'm with Super Woman, don't you just love Jean Grae lol.

  3. Jean Grae got skills

    and in the words of Royce Da 5'9, I'M THE KIIIIIIIING!

    LOL but nah.. My vote goes to Eskay (, Shake & Meka (2dopeboyz) or Gotty (TSS)

  4. i've heard a few of sudan six beats. pretty tight.he sent me a few to hear for my boy probably have to get a few tracks for my boy SIN. ill rapper.

    chem em' out