Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mos Definitely Fire

[mos def]

Two things real quick, fellow bloggers, before I cool out for the evening.

First, I'm thinkin I'll be seeing Mos Def this Friday at Highline in NYC if I can get my hands on some tickets. I'm hoping I can 'cause I'm still salty about Rock the Bells Jones Beach where I was stuck in line for food during his set. Ugh.

Good looks to Techie for the heads up and the info. I believe the tickets are day-of only, but I'ma make some calls or snoop eBay and Craigslist for the hook-up:

Mos Def
One Night Only.
January 9,2009
Concert starts @ 9PM
Doors open @ 7 PM
Tickets $40.00 in advance/$45.00 day of show.


Also, I forgot bout this before but I just seen it in my Inbox. Matt from MAC Media shot over this "Fire," a spankin new B-Real track featuring Damian Marley. Expect THC-laced rhymes from the former Cypress Hill and ill toasting from Jr. Gong on this track off B's upcoming LP Smoke N Mirrors dropping Feb 24. The Left coast lyricist goes in:

I know you want the feeling, you need some herbal healing You flip it in the valley, I'm here in Southern Cali I know you fuckers envy, We here with Mr. Marley

Oh, and there's a video coming soon y'all. Not bad for a night cap.

Ultra props to Matt again and Techie for the concert scoop, Enjoy!

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