Monday, June 30, 2008

Make Way For The Kiiiiid!...

I was born to do the damn thang

... CuDi, that is. Shouts to eskay and her for this new track from Cleveland's KiD CuDi and DC native Wale, two stylish new hip-hoppers that everyone should peep. Enjoy!

KiD Cudi ft. Wale - Is There Any Love

Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Hundred & Counting..

... It's my 100th post and I'm still going strong! I'm loving blogging as a side hobby - shout outs to all the music/film/entertainment/culture bloggers that keep the information flowing nonstop, day-in and day-out. Now that I've got a full-time 8-5 job, I've been slacking a tad bit. BUT, that should all change with my 16GB iPod Touch on it's way as we speak!

Now, back to the real matter at hand. I've become obsessed lately rocking Pandora internet radio grooving to jazz at work and decided to share the info with the blogosphere - it's perfect for when you don't have your music collection handy and want to hear any artist. Just type in an artist name or song title and it plays similar songs according to your taste - pretty cool, indeed.

I don't want all that fun to get in the way of exclusives from yours truly, so I'll continue my mission beyond my 100th post and keep the music coming.. Enjoy!

Joe Budden ft. Heartbreak - No More

Nas & Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken

DJ Pharris ft R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes - The Money

Lupe Fiasco - Where Do I Go

A-Trak - Say Whoa - Running Man Nike Original Run

Kanye West - Jigga My Nigga Freestyle

If You Haven't Seen It Yet..

"I'm not trying to survive, I'm trying to live"
... I suggest you get to a theater ASAP to see the masterful Wall-E. The journey of this little garbage-collecting robot as he discovers love and the key to salvaging the whole of humanity truly plucked at my heart strings in the vein of Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. The animation is pristine, the story is captivating, and the underlying commentary on what's plaguing humankind is phenomenal. With its fantastic characters and breathtaking cinematics, Wall-E undoubtedly deserves the across-the-boards rave reviews (check out Cinematical and the New York Times) as Pixar delivers a gratifying, intimate masterpiece accessible to romantics of all ages.

Edit: According to Hollywood Reporter, Wall-E topped this weekend's box office numbers at around $63 million.. NOW GO SEE IT!

Friday, June 27, 2008

TGIF.. Live It Up

Live from the Southside-st one, hide ya gun
Representin' Chi-town to the fullest
Raps are bullets,
See them rappers? They be duckin'
When Com be buckin' in the kitchen fuckin'
On the sink, got my momma a mink
Think Common is the link, thought the game was extinct

Damn, Common is STILL a beast on the mic, no matter how people classify his sound. I don't care what ANYBODY says, dude is crazy talented and one of the best, ever, period. Need proof? Check this new collabo with Pharrell off the Chi-town MC's upcoming LP Invincible Summer and pay special attention to the Biggie homage. Enjoy his newest and the rest of these goodies on this beautiful Friday night, ya digg!

Common ft. Pharrell - Announcement

Lil' Wayne - Never Get It

Kanye West - Gotta Pose (unreleased!!)

Nas - Sly Fox

Cam'ron - My Aura (sorry for the DJ)

Wale - Hey... Mr. Carter

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P. To One Of The Best..

1937 - 2008

Damn, I remember watching George Carlin on TV with my pops waaay back in the day.

R.I.P. to the talented and cynical-yet-insightful George Carlin. This counterculture comedy icon definitely gave the mainstream the other side of the coin - he will be missed.

10 Commandments


The American Dream

... Classically reckless. Plain and simple.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's Ya Paper Like?

... I could show you what my paper like! Especially with my new j-o-b that started today, the real world's a bitch but it had to happen sooner or later.

Anyway, what's had me hooked on Clipse since day uno is how it's obvious Malice and Pusha T put ample thought into their lyrics. This talented Virginia duo flies under the commercial radar but continues to gain much-deserved critical acclaim with their fly, dopeboy personas - it doesn't hurt that this beat is certified flames.. Enjoy!

Clipse - Fast Life

To the red bottom soles
All they do is stare like I'm in a fish bowl

The red, white and blue's in the chains make 'em pledge allegience
My sixteen's is undefeated
-Pusha T

... either Thornton brother could rip it - take your pick!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Medley

Started off hustlin', ended up ballin'

It's a HUGE week for your favorite blogger's favorite blogger - starting a new job, a special date, a new workout regimen, and The Incredible Hulk leaked to the 'Net - it should be quite interesting. For everyone taking each day as they can, here are some tracks to keep you going.. Enjoy!

Nas - I'm On ft. DJ Khaled

Danity Kane ft. Fabolous - Damaged Remix (sorry for the DJ tags)

Robin Thicke - Magic

Lupe Fiasco ft. Gemini - Gangstas Groove

Mariah Carey ft. Jay-Z, Akon & Lil' Wayne - Bye Bye Remix

Tyga ft. Lil' Wayne - I Am

Lil Wayne feat. David Banner And Busta Rhymes - La La (Remix)

R. Kelly - Body Body

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nas + DJ Green Lantern...

... Release The Nigger Tape as a prequel to the veteran Queensbridge MC's upcoming Untitled LP dropping July 15th. These lines from my personal favorite "Hero" sum it all up:

Still in musical prison, in jail for the flow
Try tellin' Bob Dylan, Bruce or Billy Joel they can't sing what's in their soul
So 'Untitled' it is, I never changed, nothin', my people remember this
If Nas can't say a thing about these talented kids
With new ideas, being told what they can and can't spit
I can't sit and watch it, so shit I'ma drop it
Like it or not, you ain't gotta cop it

I give Nas the utmost respect for speaking his mind. Enjoy my picks:

1. Intro
2. Gangsta Rap Rmx (Prod by DJ Green Lantern)
3. Cops Keep Firing (Prod By DJ Green Lantern)
4. Hero ft. Keri Hilson (Prod by Polow Da Don)
5. Black President (Prod By DJ Green Lantern)
6.Association (feat. and Prod. by Stic Man of Dead Prez)
7. Legendary (Mike Tyson) (Prod by Salaam Remi)
8. Ghetto Rmx feat. Joell Ortiz (Prod by DJ Green Lantern)
9. Seen it All (Green Mix)
10. Esco Let’s Go (Full Song) (Prod by Dj Khallil)
11. N.I.G.G.E.R. (Slave and Master) (Prod by DJ Toomp)
12 Be A Nigger Too Rmx feat. Dante Hawkins (Prod. by Dj Greenlantern)
13. Surviving The Times (Original Cool and Dre Version)
14. Nas Timeline mixed by Statik Selektah (Narrated by Nas)
15. Outro feat. Richard Pryor

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex And The City (While Playing New Music)

[the cougars]


I finally sat down to watch this fearsome foursome in the silver screen adaptation of one of the best written HBO shows Sex In The City during my NYC commute on NJ Transit (bootleggers unite!). Though it was slow to pick up steam and circumvented conflict until about a third of the way through, I enjoyed it overall. Seeing Carrie and Big manage their relationship and upcoming marriage, Miranda and Steve get through a sex-deprived 6-month span, Charlotte get pregnant (finally!) and Samantha struggle with her cougar mentality - I'd say the film met my expectations despite taking an astonishingly long time to do so (148 min!!). In between all the Manolo and Louis Vuitton product placement, there is a profound romantic storyline that can warm the most stoic heart.

You think I'd forget about giving you some new tracks? These Carter III jams, new Nas songs, and a Styles P collab with Wyclef should hold you over until next time.. Enjoy!

Nas - Hero - this one brings me back to Nas' "Hate Me Now" era of speedy-paced complex street poetry, "the only true rebel since the beginning"

Nas - Black President prod. Green Lantern

Lil' Wayne - Tie My Hands ft. Robin Thicke

Lil' Wayne - Shoot Me Down ft. D. Smith prod. Kanye West

Lil' Wayne - La La ft. Brisco & Busta Rhymes prod. David Banner

Styles P ft. Wyclef - Understand Me