Saturday, November 29, 2008

What A World

He tell himself 'yo yo self,
You got to do it the way you do'
And make this music from the soul
And make it fresh and new

What a world, indeed. I had the weirdest night last night and felt like absolute shit all day today while getting my oil changed and starting my Christmas shopping. I swear, I'm happy I do most of my shopping online because 90% of people nowadays have no common courtesy or decency - these are the same type of people that caused the horrible Walmart stampede tragedy.

IT'S WALMART, PEOPLE, ARE YOU SERIOUS? You couldn't wait five minutes to get your kid some discount jeans or bootleg Timbs? This has got to be one of the saddest stories I've ever heard - the worst part is, no one will ever be convicted for murder which is a shame. They'll meet their Maker sooner or later and justice will be served.

On a brighter note, here's a little somethin' for your Saturday night, another drop from Common's upcoming Universal Mind Control. "What A World" showcases Comm's storytelling over a guitar-infused beat and chorus from popsters Chester French.

Nothing but dopeness here, thank you Heather for the MP3, Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Randomness

I know it ain't the Matrix but I'm feelin' like the one right now

.. It feels great to be off of work early, I had to go in early but I'm out now and it's glorious!

I'm not feeling that holiday hangover because I know we've still got maaad food left and today I started my shopping for Christmas - online, of course, there's too many idiots out today. Now that I'm getting my money up it feels good to buy the right things rather than piecing gifts together like I did throughout college.

Don't think I forgot about y'all, my loyal readers - I've got some jams that'll start your weekend off right. First, The Drought Is Over 6 leaked on Thanksgiving and Wayne's got some serious heat on it - I've upped a couple of my favorite songs.

I also got my hands on an "Arab Money" remix featuring Everyone, a Jadakiss exclusive with Weezy from DJ Plus' Expensive Taste, and a Common track apparently from Universal Mind Control featuring a hook by the off-the-wall Cee-Lo Green.

You know the deal, the new rules are in place - Uppin' my links in the Cbox on the right. Shouts to Shake & Meka and Obese, Enjoy!

Lil' Wayne - I Feel Me

Lil' Wayne - Forever ft. Chris Brown

Lil' Wayne - Louisianimal ft. Lil' Boosie

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money (Remix) ft. Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Ron Browz, Akon, T-Pain, & Lil' Wayne

Jadakiss ft. Lil' Wayne - Death Wish

Common ft. Cee-Lo Green - Make My Day

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something 'Fowl'

Radiate conscious clear
I'm about to have a monstrous year

.. Sorry, I just had to do it LOL 'cause today's about the only day I can get away with a corny title like that.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Amidst the food and football, stop for a sec and be thankful for those people that the Almighty has put into your life. I know this year has been tough economically, but that just reveals the real meaning of today - being around those that you love and are thankful to have in your life.

Aight, enough of the emotional stuff. Here's a little something from Nasir off Tapemasters Inc.'s latest project This Is Hip-Hop Vol. 2. I've linked it in the Cbox to the right, thanks to Heather for the MP3, Enjoy!

Nas - Something Foul Click The Link ------------>

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visual Stimulation

Courtesy of Ivan

Courtesy of Christopher Truth over at Mick Boogie's Press Play Fashion Forward

.. Got y'all some new videos for starters today. First, I wanted to post Kanye's interview and performance of "Heartless" on Late Night Conan O'Brien but those damn authorities took the videos down before I could.

So now we've got the explanation of George Dubya's federal pardon of former Fugees rapper/producer John Forte (from North Brunswick, NJ - Jersey stand up!) after he was caught in '00 with $2 million worth of liquid coke. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow gives the scoop.

Finally, Angie Martinez chats it up with Shawn Carter on her new talk show about a bunch of random topics.

On a side note.. What's everyone getting into tonight for Thanksgiving Eve? I know I'll be hanging a local bar grabbing some drinks with old friends and hopefully meeting some new ones. Be safe, y'all!

Oh What A Feeling, I'm Feeling Life

It's a celebration bitches!

Even though this is the umpteenth American Gangster remix album, the concept intrigued me enough to give a least one listen. I'm happy I did, because I was pleasantly surprised by the effort here.

Production team The Engineerz (I'm actually 100% this is them thanks to an e-mail, also check MySpace) reinterprets two of Jay-Z's works by utilizing specific vocals from AG and the samples from Reasonable Doubt. The best part about it is they didn't just jack the beats from Jigga's '96 classic but rather flipped the samples, creating brand-new instrumentals that still capture the disc's essence.

Gracias to the uparalled hip-blogger Ivan of Hip Hop Is Read who even compiled the samples for both LP's (WOW!). I've linked my favs down bottom and you can find the full-length at Ivan's blog, Enjoy!

Download Jay-Z's Reasonable Gangster mixed by The Engineerz

Track List:

1. No Hookz
2. Dreaming Again
3. Roc Boyz Return
4. Brooklyn 3.0 ft. Lil' Wayne (Producers absolutely killed this rendition of "Brooklyn's Finest"!..)
5. Too Ignorant ft. Beanie Sigel
6. Falling '09 (..And again with the piano riff from "Dead Presidents")
7. New Magic
8. More Success ft. Nas
9. Party Feeling
10. So Sweet

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Dreams!

Stop searchin' for the D's 'cause them O's is long
Now go and put your Play Cloths on

..This is what's uppp! I'm loving the leakage from Clipse's upcoming mixtape Road Till The Casket Drops presented by Complex, dropping the first of December - not to mention the duo's Play Cloths gear coming soon to an urban outfitter near you.

Check the CBox to the right for the link to "Big Dreams" and down below for the tracklist. Thanks to Complex, Enjoy!


1. Intro
2. The Haters Wish
3. Big Dreams
4. Lauren London Interlude
5. So Fly (Now We’ve Had Her)
6. Addiction
7. Pop Champagne
8. Numb It Down
9. S.L.U.
10. Swing Ya Rag
11. Lil Willie Interlude
12. Fed Taking Pictures

My Last Post..

.. Don't worry, I don't mean my last post ever - I'm referring to my previous post about Common's two new jams off Universal Mind Control entitled "Gladiator" and "Punch Drunk Love" with Kanye.

It seems that those douche-bag computer nerd authorities over at DMCA deleted my post for violating some copyright nonsense, which is utter bullshit since any even vaguely-internet savvy person can go on virtually any website and download songs for free. The least that these no-life-havin'-wanna-be-regulators could do is delete the links but keep my original post - I worked hard on that ish!

I support Common, I support Kanye, I buy concert tickets and vinyl and even CD's once in a while for all these artists, it's not like me posting links for my dedicated readers (Shouts to all 10 of y'all, I see you!!) is really taking its toll on their or their record label's bottom line. Get a life, homes. For every blogger or torrent-user like me there are thousands of naive consumers that don't know how or won't go thru the trouble to get promotional material - they go out and buy everything. Not once have I EVER been guilty of posting a full-length LP, I merely hook the blogosphere up with tastes of albums but NEVER give away any disc for free.

These authorities need to learn that profits from album and single sales are dying and the industry is developing a new business model to gain revenue from other aspects of music like touring, merchandise, sponsorship, etc.

Soon enough these punks will be out of a job and off my ass, but in the mean time I've got a plan I'll unveil tonight. Shouts to the homie Ivan for inspiring me on a way around this hassle. You'll see it soon, loyal readers, soon enough.. Peace!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Quien Es Numero Uno?

Weezy just let 'em, just let 'em die
I got all the answers so they call me 'when, why,
What, where, who'
You think you fly?
I'm up there too

I'm an animal hear me growl
You against me is like man versus wild
Me against you is like man versus child
Heh... And I am the man!

.. Y'all probably think I'm slipping with all these distractions rocking heavy lately, but don't fret - your boy is still out here grinding.

Amidst the mayhem, the rockstar-goofball-entertainer-rapper Dwayne Carter is puttin' out some worthwhile material. Two of is latest three come off The Drought Is Over Part 6 I believe, dropping soon - "Best Thing Yet" showcases the Martian's virtuoso swagger over one of the hottest samples I've heard in a while and "Different Girls" with Nu Jerzey Devil bumps indefinitely for the players.

And lastly, Jersey (stand up!!) rep Just Blaze infuses a distortion-heavy and 808-thumpin' R&b instrumental for Jamie Foxx and Wayne to strut on the ultra catchy "Number 1 (Get Dumb)."

Dopeness compliments of eskay, Obese and KSY Music, Enjoy!

Lil' Wayne - Best Thing Yet

Nu Jerzey Devil ft. Lil' Wayne - Different Girl

Jamie Foxx ft. Lil' Wayne - Number 1 (Get Dumb) prod. Just Blaaaaze!

Personal Connection

.. Aight people, I don't usually get too personal with my posts but I need to get into my love life to explain why I'm feeling Kanye's album more than I would normally. Ye's album drops today, Graduation won best rap album at the AMAs last night (shouts to heather for the video up top!), and I've been spinning 808's on repeat at work all day so here we go..

I've been on and off with a certain female (let's call her "Lexi" to pay tribute to Kanye's ex-fiance Alexis) for the past, damn I can't remember, almost 4 years. I've talked to her every day for as long as I can remember and we have great chemistry both intimately and on a friend level - her outgoing swag compliments my introverted demeanor and my logical approach compliments her emotional oactions.

The thing is, I had numerous opportunities to make it official - we were in fact together for around a year and a half but not anymore, shit, I still have people asking me if we're together. I claimed I was "young and wanted to live it up" or any other excuse to avoid commitment.

Now that I'm settling down a little (emphasis on the little), I realize how much she really means to me and how wrong it was to string her along during my uncertain college years. I didn't do it out of malice or to hurt her - I did it because my definition of college life was partying and being single.

This brings us to today's situation. "Lexi" goes to school up in North Jersey so we don't see each other a lot but we always talked, no matter what. But a few weeks ago she was supposed to come home and we were gonna get dinner and hang out, just the two of us. We ended up arguing about God knows what and I decided I didn't want to chill - so I went out with my friends, instead. Man do I regret that decision. I know I have my vices, and partying seems to be one of my main ones - but this one instance I was wrong, and I live with regret to this day.

Up to this point I always told her "we are in the same book but not the same page." I believe wholeheartedly that one day we'd somehow end up on the same page, it was just a matter of time, but I wasn't man enough to step up to the plate because I thought I was too young and had too much single life ahead of me a.k.a. I was scared of commitment.

Now that I'm ready to commit, she's the one who wants to go crazy at school and talk to other dudes. I guess I deserve it 'cause I did this for so many years, and it's interesting being on the other side of the coin. It's one thing to think you know how people feel, it's another to be in the same exact position and actually feel the emotion.

It just seems completely different between us nowadays. I can't blame her - I've got issues and I've wronged her but never because I didn't care. I will always care.

We have good meaningful conversation every now and again but not often, barely see one another and we just don't connect at all like we used to - which brings me to 808's. I feel Kanye's emotion in almost every single song - "Heartless" evokes frustration, "Welcome to Heartbreak" evokes loneliness and "Bad News" evokes regret of opportunity lost.

Forget the musical diversion from his previous classics for a second and remember what an album is supposed to do - connect with the listener at an emotional level. I feel like I can relate every lyric to my relationship with Lexi, and that my friends is why I'm falling in love with the album.

Maybe one day Lexi and I will end up on the same page, but first we have to get back into the same book. Lord knows I still care and I won't stop..

Sorry for such a long post, you definitely won't see these from me usually. I just needed to get this off my chest and put it out there. Now I hope y'all see why I think 808's is amazing - because I really feel it.

'Til next time.. Peace!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Been Pimp'n

I know there's things that I don't know

.. Yea yea, we know, pimp'n Serena now! Unreleased Common joint laced with an impressive beat from J Dilla off DJ Eves' Laced With Gems mixtape dropping soon, Enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who The &#$@ is BOB?

Nowadays everybody wants to be be a rapper

About two years ago, everybody was a trapper

Obviously, money is what everybody's after

'Cause slavery ain't changed, it's a modern-day disaster

-"Generation Lost"

.. B.o.B. is the name, haters please jot this one down 'cause you're gonna need it for future reference. I knew this ATLien had talent after vibing to "I'll Be In The Sky" and everything I've heard thus far hasn't disappointed.

Throughout his latest mixtape Who The Fk!c Is B.o.B. presented by DJ Scream, MLK & DJ Spinz, B.o.B. shows traces of Andre 3-Stacks' lyrical dexterity and moments of Tip's swag. What grabs the listener's attention is dude's versatility - he ruminates death on "I'll Be In The Sky" then waxes poetic about identity crisis in hip-hop on "Generation Lost."

If you're open to southern-fried freshness, I suggest grab these tracks below then DL the whole mixtape at your local digital bodega (shouts to Xclusives Zone), Enjoy!

I'll Be In The Sky

On Top Of The World (Off Luda's Theater of the Mind)

Generation Lost

Lonely People

Atlanta Ga.

First Impressions..

.. Well technically not first 'cause a lot of the tracks from 808's and TOTM leaked over the last few weeks, but who's counting?

Upon listening to both albums, the first thing I notice is the distinct direction each artist is going with their art. Kanye is completely flipping his style, for better or worse y'all. He opts for the catchy, melodic auto-tune vocals - or "Heartbreak" as he dubs it - and barely raps on any of 808's.

This is cool though and it usually works - I present "Welcome To Heartbreak" with Kid CuDi or "Heartless" for evidence. But, it also fails miserably at certain junctures like the rough-around-the-edges "Robocop" and dumbed-down "See You In My Knightmares" with a semi-slurred Lil' Wayne.

I realize I have to be in a certain mood to listen to Kanye's "Heartbreak" style and I think that's how he wanted it - he's expressing his angst and loneliness due to his mother's death and shorty dumping him. His swag still exists and when I'm in that type of zone, 'Ye brings some satisfying music.

On the flip side, Luda steps his raw lyrical prowess up to the plate and knocks most tracks on TOTM out of the park. Whethere it's proclaiming his inspiration alongside Jay-Z & Nas on "I Do It For Hip-Hop" or fortifying his reign on the Primo-laced "MVP," 'Cris commands the mic like a Top 10 contender - which I believe wholeheartedly that he is.

All in all, I need another couple full-length listens to solidify my opinion. I'm still waiting on so I'm just glad to be along for the ride.

It was tough but I narrowed it down to three tracks from each that I'm playing on repeat, I've listed 'em down below but can't post links 'cause the damn authorities.

Sorry all.. Much Love & Peace!

808's & Heartbreak
Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid CuDi
Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

Theater of the Mind
I Do It For Hip-Hop Co-Starring Jay-Z & Nas
MVP prod. DJ Premier
Last of a Dying Breed Co-Starring Lil' Wayne

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They Have Arrived..

.. FINALLY! Group rips of both 808's & Heartbreak and Theater of the Mind are available across the web, gotta love modern technology.
Personally, I've decided not to post links to the full discs because Big Brother a.k.a. the DMCA is always watching. Plus, I really want you to support Yeezy and Luda if you're feelin' their music.
If you realllllly can't live without either CD, e-mail me and if you're lucky, I'll hook it up as soon as I can!

Now go out and buy both on Monday, Enjoy!

Welcome The Renaissance

Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

.. Video for Q-Tip's "Renaissance Rap" directed by Rik Cordero, off one of the best albums of 2008, Enjoy!

Sky High

I'm always weary of remix tapes since some are bootleg as hellllll but you know I've gotta peep anything with Mr. West's name attached to it.

DJ Benzi & Plain Pat hooked it up properly here on Sky High: A We Got The Remix Special Edition, recruiting cats like Nick Catchdubs, A-Trak, and Stretch Armstrong among others for a collection of remixes to 'Ye's popular records. Minus a few booty rapid-speed techno/disco mixes, this tape is fresh to death and definitely worth a listen!

Props to Heather for the download link and of course I've listed my favorites, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Sky High Intro
2. Good Morning (The Kickdrums Remix ft. Big Sean)
3. Champion (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
4. Barry Bonds (Eli Escobar Remix ft. Lil' Wayne)
5. Crack Musik (Cookin' Soul Remix)
6. We Major (The Kickdrums Remix) - SOO much better than the original beat!
7. Get Em High (A-Trak Remix ft. Common)
8. Throw Some (Cousin Cole Remix)
9. Electric Touch (Mighty Mi & Steve1der Remix ft. Lupe Fiasco)
10. Love Lockdown (Tom Wrecks Remix)
11. Flashing Lights (Diplo Remix)
12. Addiction (Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter Remix)
13. Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
14. Workout Plan (Chaise Marcel Remix)
15. Impatient Boy (Benzi Refix ft.
16. Homecoming (Discotech Remix ft. Chris Martin)
17. I Wonder (Scottie B Remix)
18. Good Life (Stretch Armstrong Remix ft. T-Pain)
19. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (DJ Godfather Remix)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clearly You Can See..

.. That I'm the best like I'm in neon
'Til the casket drops, the greatness is reborn

The Thornton Bros are at it again, FINALLY! Call their strategy the opposite of Weezy's as coke-rap connossiuers the Clipse put out material here-and-there to tease fans rather than on a daily basis to bombard the airwaves.

Along with their newest endeavor - Malice and Pusha T's Play Cloths clothing line hits stores this Friday - they teamed up with Complex Mag for Road To Till The Casket Drops, a prequel mixtape to the duo's long-awaited third LP Till The Casket Drops.

And, what do ya know, they were gracious enough to bless the 'net with the tape's intro. Props fellas, you got me on the edge of my seat waiting for my next fix.

Shouts to eskay for the MP3, Enjoy!

Clipse - Intro to Play Cloths & Complex present... Road To Till The Casket Drops

Monday, November 17, 2008

And I Got What It Takes..

.. To rock the mic, right!

I gotta give heavy props to the home girl Shenda a.k.a. Super Woman(!!) for hookin' this video up. I worked late and didn't even see this 'til after I studied tonight - hand me a late pass but this is some real ish people that went down in Britain at the G.O.O.D. Music after-party. Fly MC's rappin' off the dome - including Mos, De La, and Nasir - proves hip-hop is alive and breathin'.

Great moments at 2:10 ("Stay fresh in a black bubble jack/ I'm sure Biggie would be proud of that"), 5:30 (When the DJ drops the Black Star instrumental, Def both shut it down AND opened up shop), and 6:55 (Now dude drops "Made U Look," I got chills from the instrumental, not to mention Kanye's hoodie). I wish they showed Yeezy or CuDi rhyme but hey, I'm content with what Semtex gave us.

Man I hope they bring this to the tri-state and see how we set it off, Enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Just Don't Stop

.. I felt a certain type of way when I heard the news over at illRoots that organic hip-hop jazz pioneers The Roots are halting touring (temporarily I hope!) since they landed a gig as Jimmy Fallon's in-house band when he steps in for Conan this upcoming spring on NBC.

Now, I've seen the innovative, entertaining hip-hop band three times now but I wish Powerhouse 105.1's concert wasn't the same night back in Oct when the Roots crew rocked with Gym Class Heroes, I would've loved to go. Hopefully they'll do a few more shows around the tri-state so I can catch ?uestlove, Tariq and the fellas before their stint on Late Night.

In light of the news, I've compiled my a list of some random gems from The Roots' deep 15-year catalog that they'll return to performing if Fallon flops, Enjoy!

The Seed (2.0) / Melting Pot / Web [Live]
Album: Home Grown! The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Roots Volume 2

The Seed (2.0)
Album: Phrenology

No Alibi
Album: Illadelph Halflife


Album: Do You Want More?!!!??!

Rising Down (ft. Mos Def & Styles P)
Album: Rising Down

Long Time
Album: Game Theory

Friday, November 14, 2008

This Is Dedication

Heard I got gwap, you wanna kick it like Fifa

.. I know, I know. I wrote my lil' tirade on Wayne not being lyrical any more, and I stick by my words.. ON THE AVERAGE he ain't as fire as he used to be.

Still, I find myself checkin' as much Weezy material as possible. Why, you might ask? 'Cause he has the potential to rip ANYTHING, I think that's part of his appeal. Everyone knows he's prolific - I mean, he drops at least a new track or two every day.

I hate having to keep up with each new song, and usually don't except for the important ones. But waiting for Dedication 3 made me realize why his constant studio appearances ain't that bad after all - even if a verse turns out to be cold garbage, I gotta listen because he ALWAYS has the potential to spit flames.

Enough about my opinion though, let's get to the main attraction - DJ Drama presents Lil' Wayne and the Young Money crew, Dedication 3!

Gangsta grillz you bastards, Enjoy!

Download Dedication 3 Here

Track List:

1. Welcome Back
2. Dedication 3 ft. Mack Mane, Willie The Kid, & Gudda Gudda
3. What Else Is There To Do
4. Dick Pleaser ft. Jae Millz
5. Ain’t I ft. Jae Millz
6. You Love Me You Hate Me
7. Bang Bang ft. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
8. The Other Side ft. La The Darkman, Jae Millz, & Gudda Gudda
9. My Weezy ft. Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga
10. A Dedication
11. She’s A Ryder ft. Gudda Gudda
12. Still I Rise ft. Nicki Manaj
13. Magic ft. Gudda Gudda
14. Do’s & Don’ts Of Young Money
15. Whoever You Like ft. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
16. That Was Easy
17. Get Bizzy ft. Gudda Gudda
18. I Got That Gangsta ft. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid
19. A Message To The DJs
20. Stuntin ft. Drake
21. Dedicated
22. Put On For The Game ft. Tyga & Gudda Gudda
23. Dedication 4

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Just Wanna Be

The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun
Where drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones
Walk like warriors, we were never told to run

Explore the world to return to where my soul begun

Never lookin' back or too far in front of me

The present is a gift and I just wanna be

.. Sorry for the hiatus y'all, I had a ton of work piled up today, took longer than usual at the gym and watched my usual Thursday NBC line-up (Office & 30 Rock!). But don't fret, we back.

Upon my return to the blogosphere, I made some ill discoveries. Apparently Kanyeez wants to try his hand at designing ish (Good looks Heather), Dedication 3 is hitting the 'net any second (Video compliments of the homie eskay), and someone leaked the (supposedly) original version to the title track of 2005's BE.

I dunno, I still believe the LP version was a classic intro track, so I posted those lyrics instead 'cause I make the rules 'round these parts.

Plus, how could you disagree? You can't really top lines like "I wanna be as free as the spirits of those who left/ I'm talkin Malcom, Martin, my man Yusef/ Through death through conception/ New breath and resurrection/ For moms, new steps in the direction" and "Waitin' for the Lord to rise/ I look into my daughters eyes/ And realize I'ma learn through her/ The messiah might even return thru her/ If I'ma do it, I gotta change the world thru her."

I'll let you decide, but Comm obviously stays true to form and rips infintely on both. Spread love, Enjoy!

Common - Be (Possibly the Original Version)

Common - Be (The LP Version)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Lounge Called Quest

Amidst today's rap realm full of its fair share of one-hit quitters and larger-than-life personalities, it's easy to forget where the artform came from. That's why it's beautiful for a nostalgic hip-hopper like yours truly to come across well-intended throwback creations that transcend the day-to-day updates bombarding my inbox.

Mucho props to DJ Definit for his vision with A Lounge Called Quest and I know I'll lay back and relax after hitting the gym after work with this mixtape loaded on my iTunes.

I'll let his words speak for themsevles about why he made this mix of jams from Tribe Called Quest, Common, Little Brother, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes and many more..

"Experiencing the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest was an emotion experience for me, how could they possibly end something so great? Their music was effortlessly perfect; "Bonita Applebum" took only an hour to complete, "Scenario" took two hours, and "Check the Rhime" took about 3 sessions (Q-Tip, The Source '99). Their watery landscape and drum manipulation (by using just 1/4 of a break loop) influenced a whole new style of beat making. Tribe single-handedly elevated the musicality of hip-hop without playing a single note. They were also one of the most influential...

Like myself, the artists on this album were musically influenced & emotionally inspired by the artistry of A Tribe Called Quest and will forever keep Tribe's spirit alive.

Let's Celebrate."

Props to 2DopeBoyz for the link, Enjoy!

I'm Supposed To Ball

.. Swizzy's never been the most prolific microphone master but his swag and production skills certainly make up for his lack of lyrics. Follow him here as he balls out on this MP3 courtesy of KSY Music, Enjoy!

Swizz Beatz - Big Ballin / I'm Supposed To Ball

Seriously? Wow

..LMFAO! Did he just seriously KISS the other fighter? This is beyond me, wow. I love how dude sneaks him right afterwards, I'd be furious.

The video speaks for itself.. Shouts to Obese for a good laugh!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Think You Got It Bad?

While perusing the web today, I stumbled upon some great lists compiled by British newspaper The Times that I had to share. The next time you get royally screwed by the government, police, parking maids or whoever, remember these unfortunate folks that suffered on account of ridiculousness.. Man, I hate stupidity.

10 Most Ridiculous Fines of All Time

dom's Most Ridiculous:

6. Putting your feet up

Getting comfy on a Chester-bound train can get you a criminal record. Babiker Fadol put his feet on a train seat and was arrested for anti-social behaviour, despite taking his feet down as soon as he was asked. After appearing at court charged under the 1889 Railway Regulations Act, he was forced to pay £50 and was given a criminal record.

10 Craziest Parking Tickets Ever

dom's Craziest:

5. Daylight robbery

It started off just like any other day for Fred Holt when he went to his local bank. But the ordinary day turned extraordinary when two masked men burst into the bank brandishing an axe and a machete. In the terrifying raid, the robbers held a young cashier hostage with an axe to her throat. Customers were forced to lie on the floor as staff were made to hand over cash.

If being a victim of this horrifying event wasn’t bad enough, 77 year old Mr Holt had parked his car nearby, and by the time he had given a statement to police officers, his car had been there for 20 minutes longer than allowed.

Mr. Holt was not worried because the police officers who interviewed him said that traffic wardens had been told about the raid and asked not to issue tickets. But when Mr Holt got back to his car he was astounded to find a £30 parking ticket pinned to his windscreen – the reason: overstaying his allowed time in the street.

10 Most Stupid Taxes.. Ever

dom's Most Stupid:

4. 1995: Illegal drug tax (USA)

On January 1 2005, Tennessee joined 23 other states in imposing a tax for possession of illegal drugs. People who bought drugs had 48 hours to approach the Department of Revenue and pay tax. It was levied per gram - $3.50 for marijuana, $50 for cocaine, and $200 for meth and crack cocaine.

Drug buyers did not need to provide identification to pay the tax and it was illegal for revenue employees to report them. In just 18 months, Tennessee has collected nearly $2.7 million in revenue – although it is thought this came mainly from drug users who were arrested and found not to have paid the tax.

In July 2006, a judge decided the tax was unconstitutional and it was scrapped.

Sonic The Hamilton

Here we've got recently-turned 21-year old Charles Hamilton's 6th (of 8) digital mixtapes Sonic the Hamilton presented by DJ Skee, Imeem & The Smoking Section. I'm currently at my place of employment so I couldn't listen to it yet - I've only heard "Happy Ending" - but I'll post the Imeem player and download link below for those interested, Enjoy!

DJ Skee Presents Charles Hamilton "Sonic the Hamilton"


You're Welcome

Guy cracked a joke, all the kids laughed
But I couldn't hear him all the way in first class
Chased the good life my whole life long
Looked back on my life, now my life gone
Where did I go wrong?

I thought briefly about waiting but I just had to post this Kanye track for two reasons.

For one, 808's and Heartbreak is leaking like a faucet so I want to keep you all updated on its status. This one sounds REAL dope - the beat is dramatic and lyrics are awe-inspiring- that I can easily overlook that it sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck from laptop speakers.

And secondly, though this is probably the worst quality web rip ever, the DJ's drops are beyond hilarious. The homie from "Shark Radio" plasters his presence all over the place and it cracks me up - at least its entertaining unlike loud-mouth Kay Slay or Khaled a.ka. "the worst." Gotta give him props for hitting the 'net with that exclusive, too.

You're gonna need to pump the volume on this one until a better rip or the CDQ leaks. Even if you don't like the direction in which Ye's taking his music, the DJ drops are enough reason to check this one out.

Shouts to Fake Shore Drive for the MP3, Enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi - Welcome To Heartbreak

Monday, November 10, 2008

On Top Of The World


.. I'm sorry, I don't usually do this 'cause karma is a biaaaatch but I've got to talk my ish right quick.

After Eli's blunder on the opening drive, my New York Giants controlled the game last night over Philly, making them THE TEAM TO BEAT in the NFL. Hands down, period.

Forget the cupcake-scheduled Titans, the already-conquered Steelers or the inconsistent Panthers, all eyes are on G-Men enterting the 2nd half of the season.

By rocking the Birds in their own nest, the Super Bowl Champs completed a series of victories over each team in the NFC East bringing them to 8-1 and comfortably atop the toughest division in football.

We've got a loooong way to go until the playoffs but I can't complain the way Tom Coughlin and the fellas have avoided the championship hangover and silenced the doubters thus far.

We thrive under pressure, bring it!

See you in February.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Somewhere Far Along This Road..

.. He lost his soul
To a woman so heartless

November 25th couldn't come any sooner, I can't wait! Cool video from Kanyeezy too, I like these animated videos more than the repetitive rap videos polluting the inudstry.. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


For the next 60 minutes.. Get up on NBC!

That New Cool

.. Here's some freshness to vibe to on a rainy Thursday in the Tri-State, and it's another Mick Boogie creation 'cause dude is killing the net mix-tape game right now.

I had this one on file for a couple days but should have peeped it ASAP when I downloaded. Teaming with DJ Treat and Complex Magazine, Boogie dropped Leaders of the New Cool, an amalgamation of up-and-coming lyricists building a heavy buzz across the blogosphere and rap mags alike.

Highlighted by The Cool Kids, 88 Keys, The Knux, Charles Hamilton, B.o.B., & Tanya Morgan, this tape here is chock full of wordplay, creativity and fashionable MC's that could remain relevent for a minute.

I've uploaded some of my favorites below so go ahead and download the full-length tape here, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Mick Boogie “Intro”
2. The Knux “Fire”
3. 88 Keys “Bout To Bus”
4. Treats Speaks…
5. B.o.B “I’ll Be In The Sky”
6. Mickey Factz feat. Curtis Santiago “Automatic”
7. U-N-I “Hollywood Hiatus (Cool It Now)”
8. Charles Hamilton “It’s”
9. Fashawn “Buyer’s Guide”
10. The Knux “Bang Bang”
11. Treats Speaks…
12. Fresh Daily & Homeboy Sandman “Swerve”
13. Daytona & 6th Sense “Too Complex”
14. Marky “Higher”
15. Cool Kids “Delivery Man”
16. Chip Tha Ripper feat. Naledge, Mickey Factz & Mic Terror “Next Up”
17. B.o.B “Generation Lost”
18. Tanya Morgan “Stay Cool”
19. Charles Hamilton “Hell Boys”
20. Treats Speaks…
21. Izza Kizza “Parking Lot Pimpin”
22. Big Sean “Tomorrow”
23. D-Black & Big Pooh “Top Of The World”
24. Pacific Divison “Wake Up”
25. Donnis “Dope Girl”
26. Supreeme “Roni”
27. The Knux “Cappuccino (Remix)”
28. Nola Darling feat. Fresh Daily “Coco Rico”

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Made History

I practiced so hard for this moment
Victory, don't leave

I know what this means, I'm stuck in this routine

Whole new different day, same old thing

All I got is dreams, nobody else could see

Nobody else believes, nobody else but me

Where are you victory? I need you desperately
Not just for the moment
, to make history..

.. Sorry it's only a radio rip - Hot 97 to be exact with Angie & Jay himself at the end, no doubt - but all y'all need to hear the Greatest Rapper Alive gets it in on this one. (*Chris Rock voice* Yeah, I said it!)

Here's a link courtesy of the homie eskay. Everyone - not just Obama-nation - can feel this one, Enjoy!

Jay-Z - History

Transformations Won't Hurt

[jay electronica]

[jake one]

Me and my conglomerates shall remain anonymous
Caught up in the finer shit

.. First we've got a new joint from Jay Electronica off indie compilation Fresh Cuts Vol. 3 (Music By Guitar Center Employees) where Jay intially plays off Jigga's verse from "Dead Presidents" into some ferocious lyricism over an eerie piano-laden Just Blaze (Jersey stand up!) instrumental.

And up next for your listening pleasure is a song that didn't make the cut for Jake One's recent LP White Van Music but is still worth peeping, featuring rapid-fire rhymer Pharoahe Monch and Canadian MC Kardinal Offishall, Enjoy!


.. To our 44th President, it was a great race. We are witnessing history people, pay attention - I'll be telling my grand-kids about this one. Best of luck to the new Commander in Chief.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Separate But Equal

Everybody lovin' it when Phonte rock the rhythm
Five-nine, kinda stocky with him
Wack MC's with no skills I gots to get 'em
Got niggas screamin' 'No Doubt' like optimism
Stop to give him a listen to the way that I be layin' tracks
Easily, you to me is like DVD to beta max
When I'm layin' back with ready, willin' and able raps
Soft niggas don't wanna play with that
-"Playin' To Lose"

.. How fitting a title for Election Night.

I dunno if I could make it up through all the media coverage, so gotta take my opportunity now to link some tracks to help you through the night.

North Cackalack natives Phonte & Big Pooh and (formally) producer 9th Wonder, collectively dubbed Little Brother, are mainstays on the in indie hip-hop circuit. With underground staples like 2005's The Minstrel Show and last year's Getback, LB has established itself, combining the ying of Pooh's straight-forward bounce with the yang of Phonte's lyrical dexterity and uplifting voice.

Thankfully, the rhyming duo decided to re-release 2006's mixtape Separate But Equal without the annoying DJ Drama drops. Here, I revive some of the most memorable jams like the Southern-fried Mos Def collabo "Let It Go," the verbal onslaught "Playin' To Lose" and the heartfelt "Passionflower."

Keep in mind The Minstrel Show received a 4.5 in The Source and XL rating in XXL Mag, dudes can downright spit. Real heads unite, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Knock Knock
2. Don't Trust 'Em Skit
3. Cross That Line Ft. Big Treal
4. Let It Go ft. Mos Def
5. Can't Let Her
6. The Singing Bums Skit
7. Rollin' Out ft. Supastition
8. Macaroni
9. Boondock Saints ft. LEGACY & Chaundon
10. Home ft. Joe Scudda
11. Horror Movie Skit
12. I Need You
13. Candy ft. Darien Brockington
14. Speed Racin' ft. Skyzoo & Chaundon (prod 9th Wonder)
15. Deeper ft. Dynas
16. Playin' To Lose
17. Passionflower

Election Night

.. The final count is steadily approaching. Check out the NYTimes for What to Watch for on Election Night and peep the Nas & DJ Green Lantern collab recorded last night, Enjoy!

Nas & DJ Green Lantern - Election Night

Any Way

.. Kanyeezy's back at it again with the leaks, less than 3 weeks 'til 808's and Heartbreaks. Shouts to illRoots and eskay for the mp3, Enjoy!

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi - Any Way

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 4th

.. My hip-hop side respects Obama's vision for universal health care and push for equality, but my wallet supports McCain's tax and economic policies. You could imagine how tough this is going to be for me tomorrow morning. Decisions, decisions.

Despite that, during this election everyone wants to preach about who to vote for, I vote in private - so don't ask. Honestly, it doesn't matter who you vote for to me - either way we get a politician, even cool-and-collected Obama can make promises he can't keep.

Just please get out tomorrow and support the democratic process during this historic election.. God Bless America!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Viva La Remix Genius

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban hooked it up proper here on Viva La Hova, marrying the music of Jay-Z and Coldplay to create an ultra-smooth blend-tape. I've linked select tracks below that I'm feeling - Go ahead and scoop the entire disc over at

Props to illRoots for the heads up, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Intro (Various Songs)
2. Public Speeding (High Speed + Public Service Announcement)
3. Know My Place (U Don't Know + In My Place)
4. Never Changing (Never Change + Never Change)
5. Miss Trouble (Excuse Me Miss + Trouble)
6. Back At My Place (Back Then + In My Place)
7. No Love Coming Home (Homecoming + Ain't No Love)
8. Lost Part 1
9. A Spy's Prayer (Spies + Pray)
10. Science Is Ignorant (The Scientist + Ignorant Sh*t)
11. The Reverse Fix (The Bounce + The Fix)
12. Hola Blanco (Hola Hovito + White Shadows)
13. Take The Hill (Takeover + Violet Hill)
14. Lost Part 2 (Momma Loves Me + Lost - Import Mix)
15. Cold Success (Success + Lost - Import Mix)
16. What If We Cry? (What If + Song Cry)
17. Beach Chair
18. Falling In Shadows (Fallin' + White Shadows)
19. Life of Clocks (Clocks + Party Life)
20. X-Y-Z (No Hook + X&Y)