Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Last Post..

.. Don't worry, I don't mean my last post ever - I'm referring to my previous post about Common's two new jams off Universal Mind Control entitled "Gladiator" and "Punch Drunk Love" with Kanye.

It seems that those douche-bag computer nerd authorities over at DMCA deleted my post for violating some copyright nonsense, which is utter bullshit since any even vaguely-internet savvy person can go on virtually any website and download songs for free. The least that these no-life-havin'-wanna-be-regulators could do is delete the links but keep my original post - I worked hard on that ish!

I support Common, I support Kanye, I buy concert tickets and vinyl and even CD's once in a while for all these artists, it's not like me posting links for my dedicated readers (Shouts to all 10 of y'all, I see you!!) is really taking its toll on their or their record label's bottom line. Get a life, homes. For every blogger or torrent-user like me there are thousands of naive consumers that don't know how or won't go thru the trouble to get promotional material - they go out and buy everything. Not once have I EVER been guilty of posting a full-length LP, I merely hook the blogosphere up with tastes of albums but NEVER give away any disc for free.

These authorities need to learn that profits from album and single sales are dying and the industry is developing a new business model to gain revenue from other aspects of music like touring, merchandise, sponsorship, etc.

Soon enough these punks will be out of a job and off my ass, but in the mean time I've got a plan I'll unveil tonight. Shouts to the homie Ivan for inspiring me on a way around this hassle. You'll see it soon, loyal readers, soon enough.. Peace!


  1. Thats the reason why I dont post mp3's on my page. I'm an IT dude so I could fuck with them but I rather not go through the trouble lol

  2. Haha yea man, I'm sick of this isssh!