Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh What A Feeling, I'm Feeling Life

It's a celebration bitches!

Even though this is the umpteenth American Gangster remix album, the concept intrigued me enough to give a least one listen. I'm happy I did, because I was pleasantly surprised by the effort here.

Production team The Engineerz (I'm actually 100% this is them thanks to an e-mail, also check MySpace) reinterprets two of Jay-Z's works by utilizing specific vocals from AG and the samples from Reasonable Doubt. The best part about it is they didn't just jack the beats from Jigga's '96 classic but rather flipped the samples, creating brand-new instrumentals that still capture the disc's essence.

Gracias to the uparalled hip-blogger Ivan of Hip Hop Is Read who even compiled the samples for both LP's (WOW!). I've linked my favs down bottom and you can find the full-length at Ivan's blog, Enjoy!

Download Jay-Z's Reasonable Gangster mixed by The Engineerz

Track List:

1. No Hookz
2. Dreaming Again
3. Roc Boyz Return
4. Brooklyn 3.0 ft. Lil' Wayne (Producers absolutely killed this rendition of "Brooklyn's Finest"!..)
5. Too Ignorant ft. Beanie Sigel
6. Falling '09 (..And again with the piano riff from "Dead Presidents")
7. New Magic
8. More Success ft. Nas
9. Party Feeling
10. So Sweet


  1. Thanks man! Great mixtape, huh?

  2. No Doubt and Yessir I'm lovin' it!

    Been rocking "No Hookz" and "Falling '09" on repeat

    Stay up!