Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clearly You Can See..

.. That I'm the best like I'm in neon
'Til the casket drops, the greatness is reborn

The Thornton Bros are at it again, FINALLY! Call their strategy the opposite of Weezy's as coke-rap connossiuers the Clipse put out material here-and-there to tease fans rather than on a daily basis to bombard the airwaves.

Along with their newest endeavor - Malice and Pusha T's Play Cloths clothing line hits stores this Friday - they teamed up with Complex Mag for Road To Till The Casket Drops, a prequel mixtape to the duo's long-awaited third LP Till The Casket Drops.

And, what do ya know, they were gracious enough to bless the 'net with the tape's intro. Props fellas, you got me on the edge of my seat waiting for my next fix.

Shouts to eskay for the MP3, Enjoy!

Clipse - Intro to Play Cloths & Complex present... Road To Till The Casket Drops

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