Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Dreams!

Stop searchin' for the D's 'cause them O's is long
Now go and put your Play Cloths on

..This is what's uppp! I'm loving the leakage from Clipse's upcoming mixtape Road Till The Casket Drops presented by Complex, dropping the first of December - not to mention the duo's Play Cloths gear coming soon to an urban outfitter near you.

Check the CBox to the right for the link to "Big Dreams" and down below for the tracklist. Thanks to Complex, Enjoy!


1. Intro
2. The Haters Wish
3. Big Dreams
4. Lauren London Interlude
5. So Fly (Now We’ve Had Her)
6. Addiction
7. Pop Champagne
8. Numb It Down
9. S.L.U.
10. Swing Ya Rag
11. Lil Willie Interlude
12. Fed Taking Pictures

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