Monday, November 17, 2008

And I Got What It Takes..

.. To rock the mic, right!

I gotta give heavy props to the home girl Shenda a.k.a. Super Woman(!!) for hookin' this video up. I worked late and didn't even see this 'til after I studied tonight - hand me a late pass but this is some real ish people that went down in Britain at the G.O.O.D. Music after-party. Fly MC's rappin' off the dome - including Mos, De La, and Nasir - proves hip-hop is alive and breathin'.

Great moments at 2:10 ("Stay fresh in a black bubble jack/ I'm sure Biggie would be proud of that"), 5:30 (When the DJ drops the Black Star instrumental, Def both shut it down AND opened up shop), and 6:55 (Now dude drops "Made U Look," I got chills from the instrumental, not to mention Kanye's hoodie). I wish they showed Yeezy or CuDi rhyme but hey, I'm content with what Semtex gave us.

Man I hope they bring this to the tri-state and see how we set it off, Enjoy!

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