Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visual Stimulation

Courtesy of Ivan

Courtesy of Christopher Truth over at Mick Boogie's Press Play Fashion Forward

.. Got y'all some new videos for starters today. First, I wanted to post Kanye's interview and performance of "Heartless" on Late Night Conan O'Brien but those damn authorities took the videos down before I could.

So now we've got the explanation of George Dubya's federal pardon of former Fugees rapper/producer John Forte (from North Brunswick, NJ - Jersey stand up!) after he was caught in '00 with $2 million worth of liquid coke. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow gives the scoop.

Finally, Angie Martinez chats it up with Shawn Carter on her new talk show about a bunch of random topics.

On a side note.. What's everyone getting into tonight for Thanksgiving Eve? I know I'll be hanging a local bar grabbing some drinks with old friends and hopefully meeting some new ones. Be safe, y'all!

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