Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Impressions..

.. Well technically not first 'cause a lot of the tracks from 808's and TOTM leaked over the last few weeks, but who's counting?

Upon listening to both albums, the first thing I notice is the distinct direction each artist is going with their art. Kanye is completely flipping his style, for better or worse y'all. He opts for the catchy, melodic auto-tune vocals - or "Heartbreak" as he dubs it - and barely raps on any of 808's.

This is cool though and it usually works - I present "Welcome To Heartbreak" with Kid CuDi or "Heartless" for evidence. But, it also fails miserably at certain junctures like the rough-around-the-edges "Robocop" and dumbed-down "See You In My Knightmares" with a semi-slurred Lil' Wayne.

I realize I have to be in a certain mood to listen to Kanye's "Heartbreak" style and I think that's how he wanted it - he's expressing his angst and loneliness due to his mother's death and shorty dumping him. His swag still exists and when I'm in that type of zone, 'Ye brings some satisfying music.

On the flip side, Luda steps his raw lyrical prowess up to the plate and knocks most tracks on TOTM out of the park. Whethere it's proclaiming his inspiration alongside Jay-Z & Nas on "I Do It For Hip-Hop" or fortifying his reign on the Primo-laced "MVP," 'Cris commands the mic like a Top 10 contender - which I believe wholeheartedly that he is.

All in all, I need another couple full-length listens to solidify my opinion. I'm still waiting on so I'm just glad to be along for the ride.

It was tough but I narrowed it down to three tracks from each that I'm playing on repeat, I've listed 'em down below but can't post links 'cause the damn authorities.

Sorry all.. Much Love & Peace!

808's & Heartbreak
Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid CuDi
Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

Theater of the Mind
I Do It For Hip-Hop Co-Starring Jay-Z & Nas
MVP prod. DJ Premier
Last of a Dying Breed Co-Starring Lil' Wayne


  1. waaiiiittt ...

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  2. Fo' real?

    Damn, I thought it was the other way 'round.. hmmmm!