Saturday, November 1, 2008

Viva La Remix Genius

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban hooked it up proper here on Viva La Hova, marrying the music of Jay-Z and Coldplay to create an ultra-smooth blend-tape. I've linked select tracks below that I'm feeling - Go ahead and scoop the entire disc over at

Props to illRoots for the heads up, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Intro (Various Songs)
2. Public Speeding (High Speed + Public Service Announcement)
3. Know My Place (U Don't Know + In My Place)
4. Never Changing (Never Change + Never Change)
5. Miss Trouble (Excuse Me Miss + Trouble)
6. Back At My Place (Back Then + In My Place)
7. No Love Coming Home (Homecoming + Ain't No Love)
8. Lost Part 1
9. A Spy's Prayer (Spies + Pray)
10. Science Is Ignorant (The Scientist + Ignorant Sh*t)
11. The Reverse Fix (The Bounce + The Fix)
12. Hola Blanco (Hola Hovito + White Shadows)
13. Take The Hill (Takeover + Violet Hill)
14. Lost Part 2 (Momma Loves Me + Lost - Import Mix)
15. Cold Success (Success + Lost - Import Mix)
16. What If We Cry? (What If + Song Cry)
17. Beach Chair
18. Falling In Shadows (Fallin' + White Shadows)
19. Life of Clocks (Clocks + Party Life)
20. X-Y-Z (No Hook + X&Y)

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