Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Separate But Equal

Everybody lovin' it when Phonte rock the rhythm
Five-nine, kinda stocky with him
Wack MC's with no skills I gots to get 'em
Got niggas screamin' 'No Doubt' like optimism
Stop to give him a listen to the way that I be layin' tracks
Easily, you to me is like DVD to beta max
When I'm layin' back with ready, willin' and able raps
Soft niggas don't wanna play with that
-"Playin' To Lose"

.. How fitting a title for Election Night.

I dunno if I could make it up through all the media coverage, so gotta take my opportunity now to link some tracks to help you through the night.

North Cackalack natives Phonte & Big Pooh and (formally) producer 9th Wonder, collectively dubbed Little Brother, are mainstays on the in indie hip-hop circuit. With underground staples like 2005's The Minstrel Show and last year's Getback, LB has established itself, combining the ying of Pooh's straight-forward bounce with the yang of Phonte's lyrical dexterity and uplifting voice.

Thankfully, the rhyming duo decided to re-release 2006's mixtape Separate But Equal without the annoying DJ Drama drops. Here, I revive some of the most memorable jams like the Southern-fried Mos Def collabo "Let It Go," the verbal onslaught "Playin' To Lose" and the heartfelt "Passionflower."

Keep in mind The Minstrel Show received a 4.5 in The Source and XL rating in XXL Mag, dudes can downright spit. Real heads unite, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. Knock Knock
2. Don't Trust 'Em Skit
3. Cross That Line Ft. Big Treal
4. Let It Go ft. Mos Def
5. Can't Let Her
6. The Singing Bums Skit
7. Rollin' Out ft. Supastition
8. Macaroni
9. Boondock Saints ft. LEGACY & Chaundon
10. Home ft. Joe Scudda
11. Horror Movie Skit
12. I Need You
13. Candy ft. Darien Brockington
14. Speed Racin' ft. Skyzoo & Chaundon (prod 9th Wonder)
15. Deeper ft. Dynas
16. Playin' To Lose
17. Passionflower


  1. Lol @ Annoying DJ Drama Drops..Ha hA

  2. hahaaa they are the worst!

    him and dj khaled, hate ittt