Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Think You Got It Bad?

While perusing the web today, I stumbled upon some great lists compiled by British newspaper The Times that I had to share. The next time you get royally screwed by the government, police, parking maids or whoever, remember these unfortunate folks that suffered on account of ridiculousness.. Man, I hate stupidity.

10 Most Ridiculous Fines of All Time

dom's Most Ridiculous:

6. Putting your feet up

Getting comfy on a Chester-bound train can get you a criminal record. Babiker Fadol put his feet on a train seat and was arrested for anti-social behaviour, despite taking his feet down as soon as he was asked. After appearing at court charged under the 1889 Railway Regulations Act, he was forced to pay £50 and was given a criminal record.

10 Craziest Parking Tickets Ever

dom's Craziest:

5. Daylight robbery

It started off just like any other day for Fred Holt when he went to his local bank. But the ordinary day turned extraordinary when two masked men burst into the bank brandishing an axe and a machete. In the terrifying raid, the robbers held a young cashier hostage with an axe to her throat. Customers were forced to lie on the floor as staff were made to hand over cash.

If being a victim of this horrifying event wasn’t bad enough, 77 year old Mr Holt had parked his car nearby, and by the time he had given a statement to police officers, his car had been there for 20 minutes longer than allowed.

Mr. Holt was not worried because the police officers who interviewed him said that traffic wardens had been told about the raid and asked not to issue tickets. But when Mr Holt got back to his car he was astounded to find a £30 parking ticket pinned to his windscreen – the reason: overstaying his allowed time in the street.

10 Most Stupid Taxes.. Ever

dom's Most Stupid:

4. 1995: Illegal drug tax (USA)

On January 1 2005, Tennessee joined 23 other states in imposing a tax for possession of illegal drugs. People who bought drugs had 48 hours to approach the Department of Revenue and pay tax. It was levied per gram - $3.50 for marijuana, $50 for cocaine, and $200 for meth and crack cocaine.

Drug buyers did not need to provide identification to pay the tax and it was illegal for revenue employees to report them. In just 18 months, Tennessee has collected nearly $2.7 million in revenue – although it is thought this came mainly from drug users who were arrested and found not to have paid the tax.

In July 2006, a judge decided the tax was unconstitutional and it was scrapped.

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  1. *Raises Eyebrows*

    Drug Taxes.....No getting reported?

    They had to be dumb as hell to pay that ..hell nawww

    LOL @ Antisocial behavior ...oh goodness i'd be in jail for LIFE if i lived over there