Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who The &#$@ is BOB?

Nowadays everybody wants to be be a rapper

About two years ago, everybody was a trapper

Obviously, money is what everybody's after

'Cause slavery ain't changed, it's a modern-day disaster

-"Generation Lost"

.. B.o.B. is the name, haters please jot this one down 'cause you're gonna need it for future reference. I knew this ATLien had talent after vibing to "I'll Be In The Sky" and everything I've heard thus far hasn't disappointed.

Throughout his latest mixtape Who The Fk!c Is B.o.B. presented by DJ Scream, MLK & DJ Spinz, B.o.B. shows traces of Andre 3-Stacks' lyrical dexterity and moments of Tip's swag. What grabs the listener's attention is dude's versatility - he ruminates death on "I'll Be In The Sky" then waxes poetic about identity crisis in hip-hop on "Generation Lost."

If you're open to southern-fried freshness, I suggest grab these tracks below then DL the whole mixtape at your local digital bodega (shouts to Xclusives Zone), Enjoy!

I'll Be In The Sky

On Top Of The World (Off Luda's Theater of the Mind)

Generation Lost

Lonely People

Atlanta Ga.

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