Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Just Wanna Be

The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun
Where drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones
Walk like warriors, we were never told to run

Explore the world to return to where my soul begun

Never lookin' back or too far in front of me

The present is a gift and I just wanna be

.. Sorry for the hiatus y'all, I had a ton of work piled up today, took longer than usual at the gym and watched my usual Thursday NBC line-up (Office & 30 Rock!). But don't fret, we back.

Upon my return to the blogosphere, I made some ill discoveries. Apparently Kanyeez wants to try his hand at designing ish (Good looks Heather), Dedication 3 is hitting the 'net any second (Video compliments of the homie eskay), and someone leaked the (supposedly) original version to the title track of 2005's BE.

I dunno, I still believe the LP version was a classic intro track, so I posted those lyrics instead 'cause I make the rules 'round these parts.

Plus, how could you disagree? You can't really top lines like "I wanna be as free as the spirits of those who left/ I'm talkin Malcom, Martin, my man Yusef/ Through death through conception/ New breath and resurrection/ For moms, new steps in the direction" and "Waitin' for the Lord to rise/ I look into my daughters eyes/ And realize I'ma learn through her/ The messiah might even return thru her/ If I'ma do it, I gotta change the world thru her."

I'll let you decide, but Comm obviously stays true to form and rips infintely on both. Spread love, Enjoy!

Common - Be (Possibly the Original Version)

Common - Be (The LP Version)


  1. That was an ill ass album, i found myself listening to it yesterday maybe its kinda ironic that your talking about it today, but then again the chatter about his new album probably got people listening to the old one....

  2. Yea I think it's his best all-around album, though I got like for Like Water for Chocolate and Finding Forever..

    Can't wait for the new one! :)