Friday, December 12, 2008

The One & Only

For anyone into golden era hip-hop, DJ Premier is a legend. Shit, he's one of the main reasons I got into hip-hop way back when. I mean, dude created the beats for Big's "Ten Crack Commandments," Nas' "NY State of Mind," Rakim's "When I Be On The Mic," Jay's "D'Evils" and Mos Def's "Mathematics" - all some of my favorite tracks, period.

As one half of Gangstarr and crafting neck-snapping instrumentals for hip-hop's A-List, the Houston-born and BK-bred Primo has been one of the hardest working producers ever - if not the best of all time.

That's why I gotta give major props to Eskay and Heather for posting these video clips. Peter Rosenberg interviewed Primo last night and the footage is great. The production guru sheds light on the making of "Nas Is Like," working with Biggie, Nas and Jay, and of course, porn.

I've posted the clips below - now pay your respects to one of the greats, Enjoy!

The making of "Nas Is Like"

Chatting about Biggie

A-list rappers, top-notch producers and porn

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