Monday, December 8, 2008

Now I Look Forward to Every Day..

[akon & clef]

Welcome to my sunny day
My sunny day, everyday

Better day, welcome to my sunny day

Been a long day, on my way

To my holy place to pray

Give thanks for every blessing given to me

I know there's more to see, more too me

No more living in misery

Is this how I visioned life to be?

.. I don't care what any critics say, Akon is fine by me. Yeah, his tracks are played out as fuck especially on New York radio. Yeah, he sounds dumb similar on every song. I told y'all, I do not care - I think Akon is cool and enjoy an occasional dose of his R&B riddims.

With that said, this new track with Wyclef comes at a perfect time in my life and I'm lovin' it, aight? I don't usually delve into my personal life, but I'm dealing with some ish right now and this song got me feelin' better about it - haters, slow ya roll.

Thanks to The TSS Crew at The Smoking Section (your Loosie section is quite on-point), Enjoy!

Akon ft. Wyclef - Sunny Day

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