Friday, December 19, 2008

Samples of the Year

.. Wondering where Bangladesh found that dusty, snapping snare for "A Milli"? Trying to figure out where you've heard that vocal sample Just Blaze flips on "Live Your Life"?

Me too.

But don't fret, I've got you covered. Well actually, I can't take any credit for the research and digging it took to compile a list of the top samples of the year - I can only point you in the right direction.

That's where the homie Ivan of Hip-Hop Is Read comes in. I and his team of digital crate-diggers found the original grooves used for numerous '08 bangers, from the Run-DMC-provided vocal hook of "Jockin' Jay-Z" to the Jackson Five jam that drove Q-Tip's frenzied dancefloor catalyst "Move."

I've listed my favorites below but you're gonna have to peep the original post to download the entire list and read the intriguing write-ups for each track. Once again, props to Ivan and his whole team for the monumental effort, Enjoy!

Best of the Best:

Véronique Sanson - "Une Nuit Sur Son Épaule"
Sampled for Jay-Z & Tony Williams' "History" prod. Kanye West

A Tribe Called Quest - "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)"
Sampled for Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" prod. Bangladesh

Eumir Deodato - "San Juan Sunset"
Sampled for Lupe Fiasco's "Paris, Tokyo" prod. Soundtrakk

O-Zone - "Dragostea Din Tei"
Sampled for T.I. & Rihanna's "Live Your Life" prod. Just Blaze

David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"
Sampled for Lil' Wayne's "Dr. Carter" prod. Swizz Beatz

Jackson Five - "Dancing Machine"
Sampled for Q-Tip's "Move" prod. J Dilla (R.I.P.)


  1. I love when I listen to the radio, the old stations and hear a beat that an artist has used today. It just show's we all get inspiration from somewhere else, I love when its too different genre's of music too, that makes it more interesting to hear the way they incorporated the beat or some lyrics into thier song

  2. Yup :) Did you check out the site I linked? They have all the originals, it's real cool! Here's the link to download all the originals: Woohooo!

  3. Yea I did, I actually dl the original "a millie" and "paper planes" ;)

  4. You really broke down the game right here.

    "El Segundo" that's my joint, dude.