Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keep Getting Your Paper..

And keep on climbing
Look in the mirror
And keep on shining

..Tonight it's going down in NYC, as Power 105.1 presents T.I. at the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios in Midtown. I'm super amped to see Clifford in concert and wonder if any special guest will show up - Rihanna? Luda? Jigga? I'll find out for sure after the doors open at 7.

I believe the show is sold out but check the Ticketmaster link above for availability. I know one of the females I'm going with will be snapping some photos so hopefully I'll up them within the next couple days.

Shouts to Power 105 for organizing the show, Peace y'all!


  1. A T.I. show? Sold out? And they say us NYers be hating on the south.

    This clearly proves we just dont like BULLSH*T southern rappers *COugh* Gucci Mane *cough*

    Not ALL southern Rappers.

  2. LOL

    Well T.I. is doin' big things right now.. Plus keep in mind that it's not that big of a venue.