Monday, December 29, 2008

Cleanin' Up Like Beltran

.. That's right, with all this talk about the Yanks throwin' money around trying to buy a World Series, I'm still reppin the Mets. Let me get my Beltran on right quick, call this cleanin up. (Disclaimer: The Yanks are cool, don't get me wrong, I'd root for them in any series but a Subway. Sorry, haters.)

Notorious B.I.G. - Microphone Murderer

Let's start it off with an original demo from the G.O.A.T. himself. Veteran mixer Mister Cee dropped "Microphone Murderer" on Hot 97 over the weekend to drop some knowledge on all these young heads claiming they know hip-hop. I'll let Big do the explaining:

Keep my eyes open and keep the case closed No eyewitnesses, no names are exposed Just the heavy-set one with the big gun When I sweep, come, shakin down everyone

Overlook the low-quality radio rip and you'll see that Cee dusted off a gem from Big Poppa's early days.

Jadakiss ft. Faith Evans - Letter To BIG

Speaking of Big, Jada released this tribute that should appear on the OST for the late, great rappers' upcoming biopic Notorious. 'Kiss does a nice job of both expressing his emotions to his homie while simultaneously calling out the industry whores. Case in point:

People in power is queer I could go on for a year
About how would it be if you were still here
Game has got cheaper Rappers is more commercially successful now But the heart's a lot weaker

Remix the joints you had But they could never, ever duplicate your swag Meanwhile, I'ma keep pursuing my lil' plans And you might bump into a few of my lil' mans
Up there steppin with God Down here, Mister Cee and BK is still reppin you hard

Good looks to Jada for keepin the spirit alive, forever RIP.

Fabolous - Brooklyn (Go Hard) Freestyle

Speaking of BK, Loso just couldn't stay away from this beat. He reps his birthplace to the fullest over the Kanye-laced heater:

Gates and Nostrand to Linden and Powell I need an O, I would like to buy a vowel Known for ice grillin not for phony smilin' Fresher than Easter Sunday on Coney Island

Go head, Fab. Why not?

Wale - UK Freestyle

And last we'll take a trip across the Atlantic courtesy of Capital City newcomer Wale. He has some fun on this freestyle:

Y'all ego is your ethos
Behind is where I leave 'em
Remind you when I see you
Cause I lap you very easy
Hundred miles and runnin
They behind but they frontin
Zero on any table of multiplication, young'n

I'll leave y'all fresh and clean on that note, lemme go 'head and put the mop away. Til tomorrow, when I unveil my picks for Best Hip-Hop of the Year and Guilty Pleasures '08.

Thanks to TSS, Shake & Meka, Eskay and Lowkey for the new tracks, Enjoy!

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