Monday, December 15, 2008

So Far Gone

After hearing Drake outshine Wayne at times on Drought Is Over 6 (want proof, you say? listen to "Stuntin'"), I've checked a lot of dude's material and most of it is fire. His lyrics are real crisp and his wordplay is legit.

..Which is why I was dumb excited when Drizzy posted this weekend on October's Very Own:

"And so it begins...

This is the first piece of artwork for So Far Gone, my next OFFICIAL mixtape which is coming out in the next few weeks. The tape is a conceptual journey of my life since January 2008 and its my way of telling the stories that people want to hear in a more entertaining fashion. This particular piece is done by Oliver's boy
Darkie and it's an adaptation of a classic cover from the international affairs magazine "The Economist"."

Check the creative cover up top - I'll definitely keep my ear to the street for this one, Stay up!


  1. Me toooo, I'll surely post a DL link when it's available!

    Thanks for stoppin thru!