Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Friday Night Event..

.. It's at times like these I wish I could defy the laws of physics and be in two different places at once.

Friday night is shaping up to be a huge night for hip-hop in the Big Apple. First, we've got the aforementioned Pepsi and Fools Gold show featuring DJ Premier & Cipha Sounds among other guests.

Now, my homegirl D @ The D-Diaries put me onto another crazy event. The Knitting Factory is having its last hip-hop show before it moves to Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and this one could be HUGE!

Just listen to this line-up.. Rakim headlining with performances by Black Thought of the Roots (a solo set, whoa!), Keith Murray and DJ sets from Psycho Les of the Beatnuts, DJ Dante Ross, DJ JS-1 and Chairman Mao among others. I told you it looked official!

So here's what I need y'all to do - contact your local physicist and see how he or she is progressing on their latest molecule-splitting experiment. I NEED to go to BOTH of these and can't get their on my own, ugh!

But seriously, which would you go to if you had the choice? Both look fresh but I gotta choose one.. Hmmmmm Decisions, decisions..

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