Monday, December 22, 2008

Ready For A Christmas Eve Storm

.. Not the snowstorm that's predicted for Jersey on Christmas Eve, but my new BlackBerry Storm that's on order to be shipped by Wednesday.

Due to some, err, alcohol-induced events on Saturday, my BBerry Curve is, for lack of a better phrase, out of commission. An since Verizon planned well for the high-demand holiday season (sense the sarcasm?), I have to wait for them to ship the Storm.

I don't think I've gone more than one day without a phone since I was about 16, not to mention it's probably the worst possible timing to not have a phone. But alas, salvation will come a day before the good Lord is born and hopefully I'll be celebrating a Storm on Christmas Day.

Currently, I'm working on putting together a compilation of my favorite holiday songs for your listening pleasure. I'll have that out before the 25th just in time to get into the spirit.

For those that don't celebrate Christmas, I'm wishing you a Happy Hanukkuh or Kwanzaa or whatever you choose to observe. As far as my phone, I'm gonna say a couple prayers and hope for the best.

For now, Peace!


  1. u should be happy to go from a curve to a storm huh??

  2. Yea it was only a little bit more expensive so I had to hop on the opportunity to grab a Storm. I'll let ya know how it goes when it's shipped

  3. haha Out of commission due to events under the influence of alcohol I've def been there good luck wit the storm bro

  4. I knew you were a Alchy Dom, I KNEW IT!!!

  5. LOL not really an Alchy, I just get a lil reckless :(