Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Night Flavor

At least I got some good new music to vibe out to tonight during whatever I get into.

We've got some heavy hitting hip-hop for your end-of-the-work-week celebrations this evening. First, a new joint from Jay Electronica called "Swagger Jackson's Revenge" produced by 14 K.T. off his upcoming Scratches & Demo Tape Volume 1. For those that are unfamiliar, he always spits some heady shit that is too real to pass up - I'm REALLY feelin' this one, peep game:

What a pity
The hope on the politician's tongue,

ever trickles down to the city
Yeah, so if a nigga put a president's mask on,

And run up in the bank with a mac sayin 'Gimme, gimme'

I ain't glad at him, but I ain't mad at him

Told you it's heavy.

Next up is some new heat from Rapper Big Pooh. "The Comeback" is neck-snapping rawness produced by Khrysis off Pooh's upcoming Delightful Bars. I've always thought Phonte had the slight edge on Pooh during their Little Brother years mostly 'cause of his voice and delivery, but Pooh certainly makes his case on this joint:

This is me, no muse
Pooh be on his Hova shit, I will not lose
My mama said never argue with the fools
They drag you down 'til you swimmin' with the schools

Or maybe drownin' in the pool
Knowledge is a weapon so I'm packin' my tool

Aight Pooh, we hear ya.

Finally, we've got a great conceptual effort from Termanology. Entitled "Circulate (100 Bars)," Term shows off his verbal dexterity over a crazy J Dilla instrumental:

Went on a beef chase stashin' my briefcase
Hash and my weed's laced, flashin my deep crates
Like Flex but I flex album release dates
I'm damagin' beat tapes, samplin' beat breaks
I trample the weak, fake, rappin' disease snakes

Word. This is a taste of Term's upcoming tape If Heaven Were A Mile Away (A Tribute to J Dilla) dropping on New Years Day. Termanology over all J Dilla beats? Sounds like a perfect way to ring in the New Year.

That's all I've got for now, shouts to FWMJ for the Jay Electronica and Shake for the Pooh and Term, Enjoy!

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Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson's Revenge prod. 14 K.T.

Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback prod. Khrysis

Termanology - Circulate (100 Bars) prod. J Dilla


  1. Floating through blog world right now.

    What up Jersey.

    Greetings from Chicago.

  2. Sup Chi-Town! Thanks for stoppin thru, enjoy the blog!