Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Analyze This..

How come I've never heard this? Shiiiit who cares, I'm amped I found it today.

The homie Chuck over at Hip Hop & Vinyl Giant liberated this 12'' vinyl rip of a mid-90's heater called "Analyze This" featuring an all-star line-up - Nas, Jay-Z and Lord Tariq (yes, of "De Ja Vu" fame with the senior Gunz) over head-nodding Pete Rock production.

Anything I write can't even describe this raw, vintage hip-hop, so I'll let the MC's do it. Jay's up first:

Everything's for dough now
Flow, you gotta pay a little mo' now
It's platinum nowadays, we put the gold down
We stepped it up, y'all don't even want a show down
Get wetted up by the sleeve that leave the bezzle out
Y'all don't like it? Sue me, fuck, I'll settle out
Ghetto-ed out in the vehicle, bent
These days I've mellowed out, see success make a fella content

Gotta love Jigga's laid-back swag from back in the day. Tariq is on deck:

Ain't nothin changed but the players, the game remains the same
I had a ten-year run, hey, I can't complain

Took the next step see, from coke to Pepsi
From the BX we ridin' to South Beach on jetski

Not bad. Then Nasir closes things out like a healthy Billy Wagner:

Bought my clique glaciers and pagers
Ten deep to Las Vegas
Copped a live crop, chopped it up, hit my block off wit gators Feedin peoples from the Bridge to Decatur
By now, 2 years, five months and 30 days later
I still put out the street flavor

A great end to a solid throwback joint, I'm lovin it.

Once again, big props to Chuck at HH&VG for the crisp vinyl rip, Enjoy!

Nas ft. Jay-Z & Lord Tariq - Analyze This prod. Pete Rock

Link in the Cbox, fam --->


  1. dope!
    i miss lord tariq
    and i love jay z!

    remember that song wit peter gunz