Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Take That, Butch Female Cop

[yes, that's a woman, but not the one from my story, just an illustrative example]

.. So I'm at Dunkin' Donuts before work this morning for my French Vanilla fix and there's this husky, butch female cop in front of me.

(S)he tries to make a slick, back-handed comment about my "look" - umm ladydude, I mean, it's snowing/hailing outside, who says I can't wear a wool hat with a suit? - and instantly I think "This bitch! I'm just walking in minding my own business and she's got something to say? It's 7 AM and I'm cold, I'm just trying to get coffee, take it easy woman!"

So here's the best part.. When it comes to her turn, dude behind the counter says, "How can I help you, sir?" HE SAID SIR! Bwahahaha, I don't know how I didn't laugh out loud but I held it in. That's right, this power-tripping female officer got SONNED by a DD cashier. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but that's what makes it downright hilarious.

Now here's the best part - her voice was so high that obviously she was a lady, but she looked so much like a guy that the cashier called her "SIR" again after she got her coffee! At this point, I'm about to crack up and the other people in line know it. Luckily I got distracted because I had to order, thank God, and held in my laughter until I got in my car.

The moral of the story? If you look like a dude, and you're a cop, expect to be called "sir" every day.. Get used to it, 'cause this stuff is just entertainment to regular people like me. HA!

In case this anecdote wasn't enough to life your spirits, here's some exclusive hip-hop courtesy of Mick Boogie, Eskay and H.E.R., Enjoy!

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Kardinal Offishall - Set It Off Remix ft. Dr. Dre & Pusha T

Mickey Factz & Naledge - Stop What Ya Doin ft. Fresh Daily prod. Keelay & Zaire

Adele - First Love (Remot Remix) ft. Naledge [Off that Mick Boogie Adele remix tape 1988, dropping tomorrow!]


  1. Mwahahahahaaaa

    The cops loose again!!!
    Something happened to me but different, i dont know how you held it in i think i would have got locked up for disturbing the peace laughing so loud.

  2. lmfao. awwww man! i know my ass would've laughed od loud. and after she had some slick to say to? oh hell nah. i would've od'd hardbody!

  3. aw :( that sucks for her but you should of laughed out loud...I would have! lol