Monday, December 22, 2008

Dreamin' & Whatnot


I'm dumb tired after work, the gym then grabbin' a bite to eat with some of the fellas so my brain isn't necessarily functioning right now, my bad. But, that won't stop me from posting some new ish.

I slept on this first track for a hot minute, most likely 'cause I'm not that excited about this "group." Idle Warship - comprised of Talib Kweli, Res and Graph Noble - rocked a mediocre freestyle over Common's "Universal Mind Control." Since Kweli is one of my all-time favorites, his part is really the only one that I enjoyed:

This what your promoter lackin
Mad love given is automatic
Me and you, let's go, what's happenin?
Thick like Robin, I know it's magic

I dunno how I feel about the rest of the track, though. I'd love to hear more Kweli and less of the other two, maybe I'm just biased. I'm not hatin' on his hustle as CEO of Blacksmith Ent at all, I just reminisce too much of his good ol' Black Star days.

The other track we've got this evening is apparently the first single off DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz Part 2 featuring Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I. Yeah, it's exactly what you expect - a sing-song chorus from 'Kon and seductive lyrics from D-O double and Tip. I could see this one as being a end-of-the-night club joint, as T.I. pleads:

Her booty big enough to swallow up a g-string
Hey, go on put that ass on me like a bee sting

LOL, these silly ass rhymes. Chalk this one up as one of the last guilty pleasures '08 has to offer.

Check the CBox for fresh links to both MP3's ---->

That's all I got tonight, I'm bout to get to dreamin' myself. Thanks to Meka for the Idle Warship free and KSY Music for the Drama and friends. Enjoy!

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