Sunday, December 14, 2008

Updated Blog Roll + More Kanye!

"Heartless/ Pinocchio Story"

I ask you tonight, what does it feel like..
To live a real life?
I just wanna be a real boy

Morning all, hope your weekends are going smooth and all that good stuff.

I updated my blog roll real quick - I included the extremely entertaining, informative and humorous blogs that I follow here on Blogger and those of all the cool-ass people I've interacted with on this here internet. If I forgot you, let me know and I'll add you ASAP!

For your viewing pleasure, I sniped these two videos of Kanye's SNL performance from Perajok (thanks homie!). Up top is "Heartless/ Pinocchio Story" and down below is "Love Lockdown." Hop on these quick before the authorities inevitably take them down, damn Big Brother!

Thanks again to all the great folks that follow my blog, you're the reason why I do this!
Talk to y'all soon, Enjoy!

"Love Lockdown"

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