Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feelin' The Spirit

.. The Christmas spirit, that is. Before I get my ass in gear to finish up my holiday shopping, I wanted to spread some musical cheer.

When you think of hip-hop holiday music, the lackluster Dipset tapes and ridiculous Ying Yang Twins debauchery usually come to mind - but not today, my friends. I spotted a worthwhile project over at Kevin Nottingham's blog by producers Danimal & L.a.k.i.m. where they properly flip some Christmas classics to make some really cool beats.

Simply titled the "Christmas Beat Tape," you'll hear interpretations of "Let It Snow," "Winter Wonderland" & "Greensleeves" and the like. I really dig some of these instrumentals and I hope y'all do too.

I've posted the track listing and download link below. Once again, thanks to K Nottingham, Enjoy!

Danimal & L.a.k.i.m. - Christmas Beat Tape

1. Christmas Greetings from Biggie
2. The Joy of Christmas
3. Special Gifts
4. Deez Chestnuts Roasting
5. Let It Snow
6. Yellow Snow
7. How The Warriors Stole Christmas
8. Christmas Glitch
9. Christmas Vacation (Just Relax)
10. Xmas in the Tropics
11. Holiday Decorations
12. Chopping Down The Tree
13. Rest On
14. Winter Wonderland
15. The Grinch (aka Greensleeves)
16. Driving Home
17. The Greedy Kid
18. Dilla's Christmas Upstairs
19. Rapper Big Pooh Is Santa Claus
20. X Equals
21. Return of the Grinch (Boom)
22. Santa's Other Helpers
23. At Christmas Time
24. Christmas Eve
25. The Fresh Princemas

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  1. i love holiday music..i gets u in christmas mood full force lol