Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Is Money..

.. And My Money Priceless

[Sorry I gotta throw random Weezy-isms around my blog. Dude is a Martian, I hope you understand.]

A lotta good stuff dropped the past couple, so I'll put y'all up on something real quick.

I've never really been a big fan of the Black Eyed Peas, but I can't hate on their new single "Boom Boom Pow." Call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm diggin this electro-hop for certain situations. Mainly, toe up on a Friday night at about 1:45 at the bar.

I still can't stand Fergie though, never have and never will, she need to quit. ASAP.

We've also got a new freestyle from Cleveland's own Kid CuDi, an album sampler for Cali agents Keelay & Zaire's upcoming Ridin High, new Wayne from that Big Mike mixtape I posted, and brand new joints from Cam'ron, T.I., DOOM, Ludacris, Yung LA featuring Rick Ross, Maino & Wayne, Illogic, and Blaq Poet featuring Jaysaun & Termanology.

as a bonus 'cause I'm in a decent mood, the homie Kevin Nottingham just posted this mixtape of Kanye West features and rarities, definitely check The Lost Songs out below. Guess I'm in a giving mood.

Good looks to KSY-Music, Nation, Gotty, The Kid Legend, Shake, and Big Splash for the good shit, Enjoy!

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

KiD CuDi - '09 Freestyle

Keelay & Zaire - Ridin High Album Sampler
(This is really good hip-hop, even if you haven't heard of these dudes you should listen. True story.)

Lil' Wayne - She Said He Said

The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Where U At'

Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio

T.I. - Get That Money

DOOM - Cellz

Ludacris & David Banner - Come With Me

Ludacris - Grizzly

Yung LA featuring Rick Ross, Maino & Wayne - Ain't I Remix

Illogic - I Know You (prod. Ill Poetic)

Blaq Poet, Jaysaun, & Termanology - King of the Jungle


Kanye West - The Lost Songs


1. Milton Nascimento - Intro (0:53)
2. Consequence - Don’t Forget Em (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West) (4:20)
3. Bump J - Move Around (Produced By Kanye West) (3:54)*
4. Tricky Daddy - Can’t Say No (Feat. Kanye West) (2:14)
5. Consequence - Turn Yaself in (Feat. Kanye West) (3:17)
6. GLC - Take Me Out (Feat. Shayla G) (Prod. By Kanye West) (3:31)
7. AZ - Love is All Love (Produced By Kanye West) (3:40)
8. Cassius Henry - The One (Feat. Freeway) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:44)
9. Skyzoo - I Got It Covered (Produced By Kanye West) (3:39)
10. Shawnna - What Can I Do (Feat. Missy Elliott) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:24)
11. Mystic - Breathe (Better Days) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:53)
12. Kanye West - Downtown (Feat. Consequence & Abstract Mind State) (3:56)
13. Tiarra Marie - Make Her Feel Good (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z) (3:28)
14. Young Blaze - Work It Out (Produced By Kanye) (4:38)
15. Young Leek - Where U Should Be (Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) (3:27)
16. Nappy Roots - These Walls (Produced By Kanye West) (3:53)
17. DJ Kayslay - No Problems (Featuring Jaheim, Nore, Nature & Left Gunz) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:26)
18. Infamous Syndicate - Clock Strikes (Feat. Fatal) (Produced By Kanye West) (4:18)
19. Pharcity - Can’t Say No (Feat. Xavier, Aeon & Kanye West) (4:37)
20. Made Men - Is It You? (Deja Vu) (Remix) (Feat. Carden, Mase & Big Pun) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:41)
21. Nick Cannon - My Wife (Feat. Slim) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:17)
22. Kanye West - Roommates (Feat. Consequence) (3:40)

Bonus Tracks:
23. Bump J - Lock Me Down (Feat. Rick James) (Produced By Kanye West) (Tagged) (4:06)
24. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Kanye West Remix) (2:27)
25. Scarface - Steve Francis Reebok Commercial (Prod. By Kanye West) (0:58)


  1. loll weezyisms, I'm feelin the new tracks yo, I hate how that new Rick Ross song with Busta is using the same sample as the New T.I. song "Shit pop off"

  2. You don'like fergie? None of her songs!?