Monday, February 2, 2009

I Hate My Job..

I put on my pants, put on my shoes
I prayed to God, paid all my dues
I'm tryin' to win, seems like I was born to lose

.. Not really, I actually like what I do but same days I'm just not in the mood to go to the office. Cam'ron, on the other hand, expresses his discontent with finding and keeping a 9-5 on this new video for "I Hate My Job" off his upcoming LP Crime Pays, echoing the sentiment of many a person during these difficult economic times.

It's good to see Killa back on the scene speaking some real shit. Peep the bang-for-your-buck video up top, I'll keep you updated on when the MP3 drops. Thanks to Khal for the vid, Enjoy!


  1. i sometimes don't feel like going to work my damn self. especially on monday's. but i really DON'T like this dude. he annoys the hell outta me. but i guess the song is straight lol.

  2. I felt that way today even though it's not a 9-5 but still I didn't feel like getting up so I called in sick ;) lol