Monday, February 2, 2009

Fresh Wu + More of Dat New New

While 50 takes Rick Ross' baby moms out for a lil shopping spree to elevate their e-beef and Joe Budden e-pimps his lady friend, my loyal readers are gonna get your own share of new ish.

I'm at work so I haven't peeped these, but you gotta get excited for fresh tracks from Lil' Wayne & Pharrell and Lil' Wayne & Sean Kingston (where has he been?!), Raekwon featuring Ghostface & Method Man, Charles Hamilton, and J. Cardim featuring Red Cafe, Wale & Mims.

Big props to Khal, Eskay, Shake & Meka, and Nigel D for all this good ish, Enjoy!
Links that-a-way --->

Lil' Wayne ft. Pharrell - Ay Man (Is it just me or does Pharrell sound so like Juvenile on this one? I'm actually feelin his flow..)

Lil' Wayne ft. Sean Kingston - I'm At War

Raekwon ft. Ghostface & Method Man - Wu Ooh

Charles Hamilton - Brass Knuckles

Charles Hamilton - Lip Service

Charles Hamilton - Pleasant Overthinking

J. Cardim ft. Red Cafe, Wale & MIMS - Don't Play With My Dough


  1. Is that Wu joint the radio rip? I been bumping that all day

  2. It's the CDQ of that radio rip I believe