Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Rough Start

Raspy voice killa, The ilelst of the illa
Fly gangsta nigga, Stay blowin' a vanilla

Life's a bitch and if I ever meet her, I'ma tell her
Give it to anybody, on beat or a capella
-Jada, "We Run This"

Happy Valentine's Day
to all the lovers out there, but right now I'm heart-broken. Somebody juxed my BlackBerry & iTouch from my whip last night while I was seeing Taken, which is a pretty damn good movie and I suggest seeing it.

Since insurance is taking care of a new Storm, I'm just real heated about the iTouch. But I'll brush it off, scoop up a 30 GB one soon. I've been wanting more memory so maybe it's a blessing in disguise. I'm goin to check some iPods out today and grab me a new external HD at Best Buy, might spring for the 1 TB Western Digital.

I wish I was in the spirit enough to post a mix or videos of some love songs, my bad folks. It hasn't been that fun of a start to my Valentine's Day/Presidents day weekend. If I'm ambitious later I'll do a lil' somethin but for now I'm just not in the mood.

And lastly, in sneaker and NBA-related news, did y'all hear about Kid CuDi gettin tased? Apparently, the fly Clevelend MC wanted to rock Jordans on stage at a Reebok-sponsored NBA All-Star party in Phoenix. Things got ugly, shit hit the fan and somehow CuDi got tasered in the midst of all this. Check the full story at AllHipHop, but details are scarce right now.

Got a couple assorted songs that leaked recently and a few of my favorites from the decent Jada tape and sub-par Drizzy tape. Newness compliments of the usual fam. Enjoy.

Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass

Drake - November 18th

Jadakiss - We Run This (Green Mix) [The Evil Genius flips Jada over the "Resevoir Dogs," "So Ghetto," and "What We Do Is Wrong" beats, classic.]

Drake - The Calm

Jadakiss - Big Dogg Status

Raekwon - Heat Rocks

Young Chris ft. Joe Budden - Freestyle

Donny Goines - Where Amazing Happens prod. 6th Sense
[NBA Weekend Tribute]

U-N-I - Calender Girls

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  1. That sucks ass! Ugh I hope they drop the phones in water and won't even get to use them lol