Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Never Sleep..

.. Cause sleep is the cousin of death.

Since apparently I'm an insomniac tonight, I've got nothin better to do than bless my loyal readers with some late-night music. Works out well for you, huh?

A couple announcement's first, ahem:

Drake drops So Far So Gone this Thursday, he leaked track with (who else?) Weezy F called "Ignorant Shit" over the instrumental from Jigga's American Gangster. If you ain't excited for Drizzy's third mixtape, shame on you. Peep October's Very Own for details and track list.

It looks like Raekwon means business this time about OB4CL II 'cause he's back on the map, first ripping thru 2 new joints - "Realer" with Maino and a remix to Serani's reggae riddim "No Games." Not that I predict these two will be on the album, but at least Rae's rhyming consistently again. Will 2009 be the year of the Linx? Only time will tell.

Finally, the good homie Hurricane Ivan hooked up this unreleased Tupac collabo with the Boot Camp Clik called "Initiated." Here, Tek n Steele and Buckshot flip verses alongside an older a capella from the Left Coast legend. Since Suge had him in the studio so damn much, I got a feeling Pac's got a lot more material for us to hear even after his death (R.I.P.), so I'm always open to new ish. Shit, new to my ears at least.

Other than that, we got new ones from 6th Sense & Outasight, Wale featuring Tre and Young Chris, Slim Thugga, Blu, Playboy Tre and B.o.B., and a fresh Green Lantern remix to Jadakiss' "Letter to Big." Oh, and that video up top is for Asher Roth's "I Love College" courtesy of OnSmash because I loved college, too.

Big ups to the usual suspects - Shake, Ivan, Eskay, KSY and Splash - plus October's Very Own for the Drizzy tape info, Enjoy!

Drake ft. Lil' Wayne - Ignorant Shit

Raekwon ft. Maino - Realer

Senari ft. Raekwon - No Games Remix

Tupac ft. Boot Camp Clik - Initiated

Outasight ft. 6th Sense - Rehearsal Tape

Wale ft. Tre & Young Chris - Nightlife

Slim Thug - Show Me Love

Blu - Amnesia

Playboy Tre ft. B.o.B. - We Are The Robots

Jadakiss - Letter to B.I.G. (Green Mix)


  1. see what i mean ... a beast!!! whe Dom likes something he writes something to make you like it too whether you like it or not by the end of whatever he typed your GONNA like it

    that of course excludes me because im still not listening to some of that crazy stuff he be telling me to listen to

  2. I love this asher Roth Video dude is crazy too bad the original sample of this song didnt get cleared Weezer was trippin I heard... shout outs to Drizzy comin soon