Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updated Blog List

Peace all !!

Check out my updated list on the right side ---->

My blog is looooong overdue for a new look, a total revamping if you will, but real life and work has taken the majority of my time. Maybe after I take this CFA Level 1 exam in June, then I'll re-work it. I already have the banner picture compliments of one of my favorite, most beautiful-est bloggers Ana.

If you don't see your blog/site on the list, then hit me up on Twitter or E-mail to let me know and I'll add it in. All you need to do is show love to HFTB :-D

Big shouts to all my blogger fam !!


  1. I'm probably gonna revamp mine in another month

  2. woop woop i made the list lol
    good luck on your exam!
    & real talk, good lookin out on the links you save me all the heartache & pain of searching the internet for all the latest music lol

  3. I didn't make the list?!? *side eye*

  4. Reggie, your blogs could make an entire list on their own !! LOL. I'll put up a link to your profile page so people can check 'em all out k?