Thursday, February 19, 2009

Topless Detoxification?

.. Honestly, who knows?

A Hot 97 radio rip courtesy of DJ Envy was floating around yesterday for this Dre-produced T.I. & Nas collab "Topless."

I'm not even going to guess if this is supposed to be on Detox or not 'cause you know my stance - Detox is a publicity stunt intended to keep Aftermath relevant to push new 50 and Em material. Yeah, I said it.

I'm not mad, though. Here's the CDQ though, Tip rips through his verse and even outshines one of my favorite MCs (stop slackin' Nas !!).

Shouts to Christopher Truth at The Press Play Show for the link, Enjoy!

Link in the Cbox --->

Dr. Dre ft. Nas & T.I. - Topless

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