Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can I Kick It? ..Nike SB February Edition

Man, I cannot wait til the weather gets nicer here in the Tri-State so I can rock my new kicks without worrying about snow and all this other nonsense scuffing 'em up. Where you at when we need you, global warming?

Hoping for an early spring, Nike just released pics of their upcoming Nike SB line-up for February. And let me tell you, we've got some keepers here.

From HypeBeast:

"..We see a mix of their signature models including a T19 reminiscent Zoom Tre A.D. colorway, Premium Dunk Lows and Blazers, plaid infused Mid’s, Zoom Harbor and the anticipated Cadbury P-Rod II’s.

All of these models should be available at your local SB retailer later this month. Check the pics below. What do you think? Feelin 'em or nah?


Not bad

My personal favorites, the plaid SB Mids.

Real dope RED Blazers. (See Shenda?!?!)

Ew, not feelin em at ALL.

These are cool, I like the blue/yellow/orange colorway and the white sole.


  1. my absolute favorites are the plaid mids! awwwww man! i want em! but the first three...i want em in my life!

  2. deffinitely getting those plaid mids soon as i see they're out.

  3. i'm fuckin with those red blazers and the ones on the botton yessir

  4. I like the 2nd and 3rd pair the best!...I love dunks lol